Its planes 90% full, and other airlines by about half.

the Loukoster “Victory” after two months of inactivity resumed flights on may 31. Already in the first days of seat occupancy on its flights exceeded 90%, says the analyst of “VTB capital” and “Gazprombank” with reference to top managers “Aeroflot”.

representative of the “Victory” refused to comment. The average load factor is 90%, confirmed by two employees of the parent company of low-cost carrier — “Aeroflot”.

“This is an impressive result,” notes the analyst of “VTB capital” Elena Sahnova. In April, the transportation by Russian airlines fell 12.5% to 739 500 people, the average utilization was 39%. For comparison, all of 2019, the figure for industry amounted to 84%, and “Victory” — 94%.

However, after the shutdown in April and may “Win” operates only a quarter of the Park. She has 30 vessels Boeing-737−800 with a capacity of 189 people. June 3, according to flightradar24, flying 7 aircraft. In just 4 days the ships of the company made 101 flight.

In may, data on the air yet. “Loading in may was about 40%, a significant increase of this indicator in the first days of June also not” — said the Executive Director of the Association of air transport operators Boris Shokurov.

download of the “Aeroflot” is now about 50%, about the same — in the other major scheduled airlines, said an employee of the national carrier. “The average utilization of our vessels in may and 54% in June, still no data,” — said the representative of Utair.

Representatives of “Aeroflot” and S7 declined to comment.

This high load flights low cost airline now — the result of low prices, recognizes the employee “Aeroflot”. “Victory” in mid-may resumed the sale of tickets. While the average price of flights in June were reduced by approximately threefold. This decline in average prices is assured by the fact that a lot of tickets will be sold at minimum prices, explained earlier, the employee “Wins”. Usually booking system exposes at the minimum price certain number of tickets, after the sale of the quota goes to the more expensive and so on. The crisis, the number of the cheapest tickets in the high summer season tends to zero.

the Average price of tickets “Victory” given additional services (for example, choice seats, or purchase additional pieces of Luggage) in 2019 amounted to about 5000 rubles., and in January — March (low season) 2020 — about 4400 rubles., has been an employee of the airline. Now for June in many areas in the sale are tickets for 999 RUB even for a few days before departure.

Other carriers — Aeroflot, S7, Ural airlines and Utair — in the second half of may when��right halve the cost of flights in June, primarily due return “Victory” with its low prices.

“Victory” has been profitable all years, in 2019, received a record profit of 4.9 billion rubles this year for the first time, the airline was able to make a profit in the first quarter, traditionally a loss for the entire world of civil aviation. With revenue of RUB 11.1 billion profit in January — March amounted to 664 million rubles., according to “Aeroflot”. “Given the reduction in the price of jet fuel by 30% “Win” by reducing prices on one-third can remain profitable, while reducing by half can be in the black excluding lease as the lease payments are postponed, they, however, will have to pay later”, — tells Sahnova from “VTB capital”.

But at lower prices tripled flights “Victory” will be a loss, revenue will not even cover operating costs, working in this mode it is better to limit a couple of weeks, warns Sahnova. Flights “Victory” is now really at a loss, recognize two employees of “Aeroflot”.

low oil prices have “Victory” is limited to June, the tickets for July are sold 2-3 times more expensive, to information on the website of the airline.

Alexander Vorobiev