Germany is in for a severe economic crisis. At the same time the pandemic is in the Corona-the private car more valuable than ever, you can miss in him alone, and sure of the infection the case of public transport. As it is, to always get for the lowest possible price and the most reliable car.

We have been looking for a reliable Used for a variety of claims and account balances of up to around 10,000 euros. The basis of the Research of the TÜV-Report 2020, and data from the Online exchanges are Used at the beginning of April.

TUV-favorites of up to 10,000 Euro.

anyone Who invested about € 10,000 for a Used one, can choose among a large number of reliable vehicles, certified pre-owned. These have the main inspection (HU) by the TÜV – evaluated according to different age groups – without or with minor deficiencies completed.


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Each vehicle must be considered individually, the TÜV findings can only be a guideline. It is uncertain whether the vehicle is in a technically good condition, it is recommended before the conclusion of the contract a used car, check with an automobile club, or at a testing organization to perform.

Here are ten suggestions for a Budget of up to € 10,000:

Toyota Yaris

Has a manufacturer proposes also a good reputation in Terms of reliability, the lower the car also, in the case of pricing of used small as the Toyota Yaris. So Toyota Yaris by 2018 for under 10,000 euros appear in the search engines occasionally, but the majority of offers are older. Born in 2016 and over the selection in the specified Budget grows. It seeks, however, a Hybrid model of a small Japanese, you must Dodge been at least six years old copies. Here, the Auto-Newsletter

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VW Golf

Who a Compact addiction, ends up in all likelihood with the German Primus. Many model variants, and the extensive engine diversity – gasoline, Diesel, electric car, Plug-in, or natural gas are available. A used Golf from 2015, and older to fit the budget requirements. Who in their engine and body shape – keywords Diesel and Golf Plus – flexible, can also find the one or the other of younger offer. Who appreciate, however, a GTI, has to resort to a 12-year-old model. He is really so good? The new Golf in the practical test of FOCUS Online, he Is really so good? The new Golf in the practical test

Mazda 3

If it doesn’t have to be a VW Golf, comes also a Mazda 3 (year of build 2014, 110 kW/150 HP gasoline engine) as a compact alternative. The Japanese also convinced the TÜV, but is similar to the wolf Burger is also as Used car prices are stable. Compared to the Golf the used Mazda3 models often have a lower mileage.

Mercedes A class

Since 2012, the entry-level version drives up in the brand with the star as chic, subscribed hatchback version. For 10,000 euros, there are about a A180 90 kW/122 HP of 2014, however, the mileage is over 100,000 miles. Fun to drive and high – tech Audi precious Golf in the Test FOCUS Online driving fun and high – tech Audi precious Golf im Test

Audi A3

That you make when buying a Compact in the year, further smears, can be seen in the Audi A3. The Ingolstadt-based company to advertise for their models with the addition of “Premium” and the corresponding equipment. Who wants to buy a used Golf-brother, gets for the money, a nine-year-old model with a 110-kW/150-HP gasoline engine and about 70,000 km mileage. Honda is Rather high-priced, also the offer for the Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

Quite high-priced, also the offer for the Honda CR-V is designed those interested in the Japanese SUV’s have to rely on quotes from the years 2010 and 2011, the amount specified to get along. There is a 110 kW/150 HP Diesel and a mileage of 100,000 kilometers. The CR-V impresses with a large trunk and a reliable technique.The petrol-models without turbo-charging, especially in connection with the stepless CVT transmission – rather phlegmatic and not very economical. Who needs the CR-V also in the Winter, you should choose an all-wheel drive model (AWD). First ride on the X2: What is the Mini-SUV from BMW? FOCUS Online First ride on the X2: What is the Mini-SUV from BMW?


a Little younger, the specimens falling out of a BMW X1. The Bavarian SUV of the year 2012 achieved in combination with a 105 kW/143 HP petrol engine as the Used proceeds of approximately 10,000 euros. The mileage comes with the models that belong to the first Generation, to 130,000 kilometers.

Opel Mokka

If it’s supposed to be an SUV, but much smaller, may be as a X1 (4,54 meters) or CR-V (4,53 meters), is a six-year-old Opel Mokka to choice (86 kW/116 HP, petrol, 70,000 kilometres of mileage). The 4.28 Meter long SUV is one of the few in its class with all-wheel drive. New Opel Corsa is especially in the price-performance unbeatable FOCUS Online New Opel Corsa is especially in the price-performance unbeatable

Suzuki SX4

this class also drives the Suzuki SX4. Also the 4.30 Meter long Japanese is alternatively available with all wheel drive. Similar to the Opel the old copies back six years with a mileage of about 70,000 km in the area of the set Limits; for the propulsion of the gasoline or Diesel with 88 kW/120 HP.

Mini Cooper

If it is not to be necessarily practical, but stylish, there is almost no way in a Mini. The for the Budget in question 2. Generation of the iconic Speedster is still small and handy. The classic Mini Cooper is already on a new purchase tax, which also affects the used car prices, so the Mini (100 kW/136 HP) will be at least six years old. All of the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test, FOCUS Online/Wochit All the build thickness of the electric SUV, Mini, however, are: the City-Stromer in the first Test

by the Way: After the end of the Corona-protection measures is expected to move in the used car market. Both private as well as commercial providers have certainly an interest to get their cars from the yard, because currently the trade is almost complete. In addition, attractive special offers for new cars will also be pressure on the prices of Used exercise. Used car Report: defects dwarves and deficiencies of the giant

TÜV, DEKRA and GTÜ, the defect rate of the used car check annually with new statistics. FOCUS Online evaluates for you all the available Reports. Here you will find the latest Tables from 2016.

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Important to the good maintenance and care is for older cars, of course. But how do you find a good workshop? The Portal Autoscout24 examined for FOCUS Online, the customer ratings of repair shops in German cities. You can find the results here .