The U.s. navy as a commander of an aircraft carrier from being discharged after he received a private letter had been leaked out with a criticism of the way in which the coronabesmettingen on the ship. It’s going to be a commander Brett Crozier, of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

it was in the news when on board, people are infected, proved by the corona virus, and that the commander of an alarm the others. He then asked for the evacuation of his ship, but he did not have time.

Crozier had warned in a letter to his superiors that the virus was around her, and asked to take action. “This is not a war. There is no need for sailors to die.”

by Now the ship was in the harbor of the island of Guam, its a 93, the infection set, and the majority of the crew still on board the ship.

The letter was leaked this week to the media and is brought to the Pentagon in a quandary. Not for the content but for the leak, it must Crozier, now to give.

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