Iran Air’s Boeing 747-200 has been heading for one destination over and over again for several months. The machine with the registration EP-ICD often flies to Moscow. Mahan Air’s Boeing 747-400 with the registration EP-MEE also travels to the Russian capital noticeably often. Likewise the Boeing 747-200 of Qeshm Fars Air with registration EP-FAA.

This caught the eye of the United States Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security. The number of Iranian cargo flights to Russia has increased significantly since the invasion of Ukraine, it said.

Finally, the government in Tehran publicly announced its intention to expand cooperation with Russia in the aviation sector by supplying spare parts for its aircraft.

According to the Bureau of Industry and Security, the three Iranian Boeing 747s were used to circumvent the sanctions. Among other things, the EP-ICD, the EP-MEE and the EP-FAA transported electronics to Russia. “This is obviously a violation of strict export controls.”

Domestic surveillance, especially of electronics and aircraft parts, has weakened Russia’s defense industry, according to Matthew S. Axelrod of the Bureau of Industry and Security.

At the same time, access to the world economy has been severely restricted and the country isolated from the international community.

“If Russia tries to align itself with pariah states like Iran to make up for it, […] we will take action to thwart such attempts.”

The three Iranian jumbo jets were therefore included in the list of blocked aircraft. There are already more than 150 Boeing jets from Russian airlines on it.

This article was written by Stefan Eiselin

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The original of this article “Iranian Boeing 747s act as sanctions breakers” comes from aeroTelegraph.