The Palestinian Health Ministry reported that two Palestinian men were seriously injured Monday by Israeli forces in the West Bank. This is the latest incident in a series of Israeli-Palestinian violence.

When the Israeli military was conducting an arrest raid on Yamun in the northern West Bank when hundreds of Palestinians began throwing rocks and explosives at them, they returned fire.

“The soldiers responded with live ammo to the suspects who had hurled explosives. The army released a statement stating that hits were identified.

According to Wafa, the two injured men were taken to hospital.

According to the military, 11 Palestinians were arrested in raids that took place overnight in the West Bank.

Israel sent troops to search Palestinian villages and cities in search for suspects or accomplices in two recent attacks on Israelis. A Palestinian gunman opened fire on a Tel Aviv bar earlier this month, killing three people, before fleeing the scene. After a lengthy manhunt, he was shot dead by police in a shootout.

This attack, along with three others in Israel in the past weeks, has resulted in 14 deaths. It is the most violent outburst against Israelis in many years.

According to the Associated Press, at least 25 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces over recent weeks. Many were involved in attacks or participated in clashes. However, an unarmed woman was also killed along with a lawyer who appeared to be a bystander.

Jenin is considered to be a stronghold for militant Palestinians. When operating in the region, Israeli forces are often under attack. Even the Palestinian Authority seems to be unable to exert much control over the area. It administers a portion of the occupied West Bank, and coordinates with Israel in security matters.

In 1967, Israel captured the West Bank along with the Gaza Strip, east Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip from the Palestinians. These territories are coveted by the Palestinians as a potential future state.

Tensions between Israel, the Palestinians and Israel have been high during Ramadan, the Muslim holy month, and Passover, the Jewish week-long holiday.

Israeli police have been confronted by Palestinian protestors at a Jerusalem holy site. This holy site is known as the Al-Aqsa Mosque complex and the Temple Mount to Jews. The Israeli Foreign Ministry confirmed that Jordan, which is the custodian of this site, summoned Israel’s charge d’affaires Monday to protest Israel’s recent actions at Al-Aqsa Mosque compound.

The 11-day war in Gaza Strip between Israel and Palestinian militants was fueled by violence between Israeli security forces and Palestinians at the shrine.