Turned into a morgue, the Ice Palace of Madrid is already full of dead bodies from the coronavirus. Quarantine in Spain extended to April 9

the morgue Turned into the largest Ice Palace in Madrid, where only 24 Mar began to bring their dead bodies from the coronavirus, five days were full.

At the sports complex with an area of almost 2 thousand square meters, the bodies were piled on the ice rink, as funeral services do not have time to deal with them and time to conduct a burial. But a huge area of the Ice Palace was not enough.

Now, in the city of Madrid declared that Monday, March 30, there will be one big morgue for the deceased from coronavirus infection. It will also be temporary. This is an exceptional measure, said the Metropolitan government. It will be located in the building El Dónut Institute of forensic anatomy in Valdebebas, according to El Pais. There will be hundreds of refrigeration chambers for bodies.

Madrid prepara para el lunes su 2ª gran morgue frustrada en la Ciudad de la Justicia
El depósito, el segundo tras el improvisado del Palacio de Hielo, se instalará en el edificio conocido como El dónut, ideado para acoger el Instituto Anatómico Forensehttps://t.co/U5htDqKTET pic.twitter.com/lDRP0ZxrCE

— METALOCUS (@METALOCUS) March 29, 2020

VIDEO: ???????? Workers and vehicles, including a hearse, enter and leave the #PalacioDeHielo (Ice Palace) shopping centre in #Madrid where an ice rink has been converted into a temporary morgue as Spain battles the #coronavirus pandemic pic.twitter.com/QAYq1dMVCm

— AFP news agency (@AFP) March 29, 2020

According to Sunday, March 29, the death toll from the coronavirus in Spain amounted to 6528 people have contracted almost 78 thousand people. The country has a regime of high alert. The Spaniards forbidden to leave their homes without the pressing need. For violation of quarantine has large fines.

Saturday, March 28, Chairman the government of Spain Pedro sánchez announced that quarantine conditions, declared due to the spread of the coronavirus, becoming even tougher. Now all whose work is not vital, you should stay home from 30 March to 9 April. During the quarantine, the Spanish will continue to receive a salary, and missed days will work then. Using this measure, the Spanish authorities want to limit the movement of the citizens and to contain the spread COVID-19.