Turkey unilaterally announced the resumption of flights to Russia from 15 July. But to collect suitcases and to run to the nearest airport to domestic tourists before. Messages of Turkish mass-media was the usual fake, which pecked the Russian media. In fact, the start of flights to the Turkish coast still has not been given. Just sat down at the negotiating table. And that’s all. And while our Ministry of transport silent, Aviasales calculated after the news about the alleged resumption of the message number of searches of tickets to Turkey increased by 4 times in comparison with yesterday.

the talks Started between Russia and Turkey on the possible resumption of flights. This issue was discussed on 13 July in the course of a telephone conversation between presidents of the two countries, said Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov said that the “instructions to the relevant departments to start negotiations”.

Previously, the Association of tour operators of Russia said that Turkey was the first country to have announced its willingness to take our travelers. Despite this, the CPS has not included it in the approved list of States in which the flights may resume in the first place.

Recall that Russia last year ranked first in the number of tourists visiting the Turkish Republic. This was reported by the Ministry of culture and tourism of Turkey. The figure compared with 2018 the year increased by 17.6% and the number of our visitors to Turkey exceeded $ 7 million.

Forecasts on the results of the talks that have begun between specialists from the two countries to face difficult, said Senator Igor Fomin, in charge of tourism in the Federation Council. According to him, the security of Russian citizens now Rospotrebnadzo is in the first place.

“For the Russian tour operators’ community it is important that international destinations were opened as quickly as possible, but in a complex epidemiological situation in the world is impossible, — said the Senator. — Like other countries, Russia is interested in resumption of air links and tourism is the most important non-oil exports. However, the primary challenge for the nation today is the safety of citizens”.

According to Professor of the Institute of industrial management of Ranepa, expert on tourism Galina Dekhtyar, if the CPS believes that in Turkey there is no proper provision of sanitary and epidemiological safety, so there the Russians will not go. All publications which are today in the media that 9 countries have announced readiness to take domestic travelers, absolutely nothing, from a practical point of view.

“If the Russians will be in another country and there will happen a new outbreak of the epidemic, our government will have to urgently evacuate tourists. This hit them.�� as for the Federal budget and budgets of travel agencies and insurers. You will need a lot of money if I have to again take out the Russians, to heal, to create a two-week quarantine zone, — says the expert. — Most likely, the summer season 2020 we will spend on the territory of their country, and the current negotiations between Russia and Turkey have not been successful”.

“Accurate information on countries with which Russia will resume a message that will only be available on the website of the foreign Ministry. But we must understand that even a trip to allowed to visit the country, can be risky” — concluded Galina Dekhtyar.