“the Federal funds have already managed to build a 309 objects. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, culture centers, sports objects, objects of engineering infrastructure. And perform overhaul 230 social institutions and infrastructure, acquire equipment 104 117 hospitals and rural medical posts, 75 colleges, to purchase 128 vehicles, 325 playgrounds, 37 sets of outdoor fitness equipment, 200 apartments for workers in the far East, doctors and teachers. Restrictive measures related to the spread of coronavirus infection, had an impact on work on the development of social infrastructure. There are a number of shifts at construction sites. We need to take this into account and adjust the work so that budget funds are spent as efficiently as possible,” said Deputy Prime Minister – presidential envoy in the far Eastern Federal district Yuri Trutnev at the meeting of the Presidium of the state Commission on questions socially-economic development of the Far East.

the Ministry together with the regions of DFO analyzed the risks of the implementation of 2020 and prepared a proposal for the redistribution of funding. From the far Eastern regions have been proposals for the redistribution 4,592 billion, resulting in savings in 14 events (230,6 million rubles), the risk of default 20 events (4,316 billion) and additional funding 3 regions (394,8 million rubles). Proposals for the redistribution of Federal funds presented in 10 regions of the far Eastern Federal district: Republic of Buryatia, Zabaykalsky, Primorsky, Khabarovsk and Kamchatka edges, the Amur, Magadan, Sakhalin region, Jewish Autonomous oblast, Chukotka Autonomous Okrug.

“Two objects in the Khabarovsk region cannot fail to draw attention to themselves. Komsomolsk-on-Amur is one of two towns on the territory of Russia, which on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation adopted comprehensive development plans. But the implementation of this plan in Komsomolsk-on-Amur is with disorders graphs. Bad history is obtained with the “far East ha.” The people were given the promise that if they take the land, and establish settlements, you will receive assistance in creating infrastructure. Khabarovsk territory it was allocated from the Federal budget. People use “far Eastern hectare”, choose a place to stay, they need help. And it turns out that the construction of roads to “hectares” shifts for a year. The Governor should pay attention to the construction unit. If the people working in it, can’t organize the work, let them go to the object, take a shovel and build the road. Everything should be done in time and professionally. A great desire to collect the funds previously granted to the Khabarovsk region along the lines of “Uniform subsidy”, and give them to otherswhim to regions where construction projects are ahead of schedule. Stops only that the end result is that we punish people who chose a “far Eastern acres,” and do not” – said Yuri Trutnev.

According to Yuri Trutnev, heads of regions should pay more attention to the issues of improvement of urban spaces. “In almost all regions of DFO, where held a meeting on the development of social infrastructure raised the issue of appearance and development of cities and settlements. But especially state capitals. Primarily this involves creating new neighborhoods. You need to create a whole ensemble fit into the existing landscape. We expect regions such proposals for a “Single grant”. It is necessary to build such a beautiful home to create a comfortable urban space to develop areas that people were nice to come home from work”, he said.

Yuri Trutnev drew attention to the need for strict control of the governors for the effective use of Federal funds provided by the Ministry of Russia under the “Uniform subsidy”, and the quality of work of the construction industry.

“we Need to achieve competence at all stages connected with preparation and implementation of construction works. The Russian government is dedicated to improving the construction industry. It is planned to remove a number of administrative restrictions and duplications. But you also need to think about shots, about the engagement of professionals. This also applies to the management of construction equipment, and contractor selection. In order to come to the professionals, the construction industry needs to be transparent, needs to be a clear chain of decision-making. Everything related to the development of the project must be clear. The construction industry will give special attention”, – summed up Yuriy Trutnev.