Trump spoke with three provocative calls

the story of the past in the U.S. state of Michigan protests against the orders of the Governor to abide by the restrictions and stay home and have fun. President trump in his Twitter has published several provocative posts supporting the protests against measures social distancing in three States, headed by governors-Democrats.

First Friday Donald trump wrote on Twitter in capital letters: “FREE MINNESOTA!”.

this was followed by another tweet: “FREE MICHIGAN!”

Then a third tweet: “FREE VIRGINIA and save your great 2nd amendment. It is threatened! “. In this President’s message contains a reference to the recently signed by the Governor of Virginia Ralph Nortamo the law on new measures on gun control.

These calls trump’s tweet came after several protests were held against the orders of the authorities to stay home. These protests attracted a lot of adherents of extreme right-wing views. Some of the protesters were carrying weapons, waving Confederate flags, portraits of the trump.

Michigan has suffered greatly from the epidemic of the coronavirus, and from plant closures and related job losses by many people. Last Wednesday a demonstration against a strict home quarantine prescribed by the Governor of Michigan Gretchen Whitmer, attracted representatives of the extreme right-wing groups that had earlier participated in rallies in support of trump and the right to arms.

it is Obvious that the crowded meetings in our time are by definition risky activities – is a high risk of infection of members of the coronavirus. Although most of the protesters remained seated in their cars, a small group of protesters stood on the steps of the state Capitol in Lansing, neglecting the prescribed rules of distancing.

Indeed, trump seems to believe that there is no trouble, if the people “expressing their opinions”, will gather together: “I see where they are, and I see how they operate. They seem like very responsible people, but they’re treated a little rough.”

the Current statements trump forced to recall the events of 2017, when the US President has faced a wave of criticism for the way he reacted to the collision between the white nationalists and their opponents in Charlottesville (Virginia), saying that “both sides were very good people.”

a Democrat for Governor of the state of Washington reacted very sensitively to calls trump tweeted: “this morning the President’s statements encouraging illegal and dangerous actions. He’s putting millions of people at risk of infection Covid-19. His bestermanns ranting and calling for people to “free” States can also lead to violence. We have seen this before.”

Earlier, trump made allegations that the United States is ready to “open” and should be in three stages – “step by step” to return to normal life. First, according to the White House should remove restrictions those areas where during the last seven days were not recorded new cases of infection with coronavirus.