Donald Trump, nearly a year after he left the White House continues to be a fixture in the Republican Party. He continues to attract attention and influence people as he contemplates another run for the presidency.

Rep. Adam Schiff is still in the mix.

Schiff, the Intelligence Committee Chairman who rose to national prominence probing Russian election interference, and leading the first Trump Impeachment, said that there is nothing less than democracy at risk with Trump’s continued presence in the national political arena.

Trump is making a mockery of Congressman Donald Trump with his snide nicknames. He has made him a key member on the House Select Committee regarding the Jan. 6 Insurrection at Capitol.

Schiff said that Jan. 6 was a way for the country to see how it happened. This is not only the day’s mechanics, such as the participation of white nationalist groups, but also how the big falsehood of our elections led to thousands of people attacking their government. Schiff spoke on C-SPAN Book TV, which airs every week starting Sunday.

Schiff questions, “What did President Obama know about the people who were coming to this rally?” “Why did it take so long?” Schiff asks. There are many important questions that remain unanswered.

The committee is stepping up its investigation. It’s familiar territory but also a new chapter in the life of Schiff, the former federal prosecutor and congressman. His life’s work is now largely defined by the man he describes as a “clear, present danger” for U.S. democracy.

Trump was again impeached last winter for inciting the riot. The Senate did not convict the House prosecutors. They were much like Schiff in the previous trial, which was about election interference involving Trump’s campaign and Ukraine.

The California Democrat claims that the select committee will uncover new information about Trump’s involvement in January 2017. He encouraged his supporters to go to the Capitol to “fight like hell” to reverse his electoral defeat to Joe Biden. The riot’s aftermath saw the deaths of several Trump supporters, including Ashli Babbitt (a Trump supporter) who was shot and killed in police custody and several officers who took their lives later after the worst attack on Capitol since the War of 1812.

Schiff’s personal account of that day is detailed in a new book, “Midnight In Washington, How We Nearly Lost Our Democracy and Still Could.”