Many have already made their choice between “Team Johnny Depp” and “Team Amber Heard” — and the jury doesn’t seem to be a fan of Amber in the defamation trial either.

It’s unbelievable, but true: The defamation trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard before a US court in the state of Virginia not only splits the world into different camps, but is hard to beat in terms of shocking revelations and oddities. Many fans and colleagues give Amber Heard the cold shoulder – and the jury doesn’t seem to like her either.

Body language expert Spidey analyzes behavior in the Depp-Heard process on his YouTube channel The Behavioral Arts. One episode guest-starred Robert Morton — a lawyer who was also present at the trial live. The observations are shared on “”, for example the fact that Amber Heard is constantly looking for confirmation from the jury. But apparently she has little success with it.

Although the emotions – be they staged or not – boil up with Johnny Depp’s ex, according to the lawyer, the jury usually met her with “stony faces”. Like most of the hundred people admitted to the courtroom, the jury seems more like Team Johnny. Amber Heard has already noticed this and is now probably changing her means, more precisely her body language. Usually never at a loss for a quick answer, she now hesitates more often, often licks her lips and lengthens her statements with many “ums”. Robert Morton is certain: “You can see that she is testing something.”

Unlike many traumatized people, Amber Heard also speaks directly to the jury. Unusually, says the lawyer: “They [traumatized] are talking to themselves.” The fact that she first looks at the women when she makes her statements also points to a tactic. Johnny’s ex wanted to pull this on their side, so see it on the alleged victim side. If they don’t return their gazes, move them to the next group, which also has a woman. “There she believes she has the second group of allies in this courtroom.”

It is not surprising, however, that the jury did not quite want to believe Amber Heard, since many of her statements have been refuted in court. Amber probably feels that too and doesn’t react sadly, but rather angry. The lawyer explains: “That’s why she increases the emotions, goes all out.” And the jury? They literally give her the cold shoulder: Amber’s statements are always directed towards the lawyer and not the actress. “Where the shoulders are, there is attention,” Robert Morton is convinced.

The jury’s position was clear when it came to the question of why Amber Heard took a picture of Johnny Depp when he fell asleep on the floor drunk. Robert Morton explains: “The faces of the jury were petrified. They gave her nothing. They just stared.” It was crazy, because what Amber tried to say at that moment was: “Look at this from my perspective!” Probably without success …

Amber Heard once again tried to explain her predicament in what will probably be her last appearance on the witness stand. She is the victim and has received “thousands of death threats” since the beginning of the trial. Even her daughter has already been approached…

Hollywood stars Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are still fighting a mud fight in a US court – but the bitter legal battle is now entering the final round. Heard took the stand again and burst into tears.

Actor Johnny Depp’s civil trial against his ex-wife Amber Heard is certainly one of the strangest court cases in recent years. Many intimate details of the stars were brought to light, and a witness amazed the judge.

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