When little Miley comes home from the playground screaming, her mother is deeply shocked. There is a bullet wound in the child’s arm and the projectile is stuck.

An incident in the municipality of Bornhöved in Schleswig-Holstein, reported by “Bild”, caused horror in the neighborhood. A 70-year-old man named Karl-Heinz M. is said to have shot at a girl playing from his house. Twelve-year-old Miley suffered a serious arm injury.

The girl’s mother, Alice Carina Sch., describes the incident in the “Bild” newspaper. She sent her child to the playground. Suddenly little Miley came home screaming and wouldn’t be calmed down. “She was bleeding and I saw the hole in her upper arm,” says the shocked mother, describing the incident. A projectile from an air rifle had penetrated deeply into Miley’s right arm.

The shooter, a pensioner named Karl-Heinz M., therefore had to answer in court for grievous bodily harm. According to “Bild”, M. seemed surprised by the accusation and claimed that he had shot at sparrows, not at children playing. The police later seized a GDR Suhl 303 Super air rifle plus ammunition from him.

As the “Bild” newspaper, which covered the trial, further reports, Karl-Heinz M. finally made a partial confession in the courtroom. He admitted to having fired his air rifle twice in the direction of the playground while children were playing there. However, he could not explain why he had done this.

As a result of his confession and as an expression of his remorse, Karl-Heinz M. offered to immediately pay the girl compensation of 7,500 euros. This, together with his confession, probably helped him avoid a prison sentence. The sentence was instead 16 months’ probation.

It is not forbidden for the pensioner to own an air gun. According to the Jura Forum, such devices are subject to weapons law, but are freely available for sale up to a strength of 7.5 joules. With air rifles, the projectiles leave the muzzle with the energy we need to lift a weight of one kilogram approximately 76 centimeters.

That doesn’t sound like much, but due to the low mass of the bullets it’s enough for very high speeds. The “Nordkurier” reports on a case in which a 13-year-old was injured with an air gun. The projectile penetrated his winter jacket and he suffered a bruise on his body.

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