Tomsk Governor has banned spring hunting for pandemic coronavirus

the head of the region stressed that such measures had to be adopted for the first time in 60 years due to the difficult epidemiological situation for the coronavirus.

With our distance to the border we will block, each edge of the passport control not put. So in may we hunters will stay home and will patiently wait for September. At the same time and nature will give you rest, says the appeal of the Governor Sergey Zhvachkin to the hunters.

Earlier spring hunting was banned in Kemerovo, Novosibirsk, Omsk, and Tyumen regions, Altai and Krasnoyarsk territories. The administration of the Tomsk region are concerned that hunters from these regions and Russia in may to come to hunt on the Tomsk earth. This, as emphasized Sergey Zhvachkin, should not be allowed.

– We can’t afford a pilgrimage to our forests, in our hinterland. The coronavirus was already available not only in cities but also in remote villages. New risks we do not need. We can not and will not jeopardize the health of residents of our rural and Northern areas. Just imagine what would happen if the day before planting, we will enter quarantine in farms and agricultural enterprises, – the Governor explained the reasons for the ban of hunting.

Sergey Zhvachkin noted that he, as a hunter with years of experience, hard was the decision. But it is important for the current situation.

– If at least one hunter this spring coming back from the forest to the sick and infect my family, I will never forgive myself. And as Governor, and as a regular Tomic. Believe me, not worth the lives and health of loved ones no hunting, – said the head of the region.

In his address, Sergey Zhvachkin said that all hunters, who had to buy permits on the spring hunt, can use them in the fall. And for local hunters, the government will increase quotas on production of game birds and beast in autumn-winter period 2020-2021 years.

help “RG”

In the Tomsk region works round-the-clock “a hot line” regional health Department for coronavirus, influenza and SARS. Tel: 8-800-350-8850 (toll-free).

For protection and prevention of viral infections, doctors strongly recommend to refrain from visiting public places, avoid close contact and stay in the same room with people who have visible signs of SARS. Wash hands regularly and try not to touch it with dirty hands eyes, mouth and nose.