The car, Under the influence of the corona virus, the by now not to overziene impact on the global economy and the consequent dispute between the Russian federation and the OPEC oliekartel the oil prices in the past couple of days had plummeted. The price of a barrel of crude oil was the biggest blow since the start of the first gulf war in 1991. As a result, the price of a litre of petrol and diesel from tomorrow morning by 11, and a 9-cent decline. A one-time chance in a lifetime to be cheap to rent or even lower rates ahead?

you may also have noticed on your last trip to the gas station, the prices for gasoline and diesel fuel, are again at the end away from the record levels of October, 2018, when a litertje E10 (£95) are still nearly a mile (1.6 euro’s to cost. Nevertheless, it is worth it, according to the energy involved in the effort to make your time even just to imagine, now, the corona virus, and handelsconflict between the Russian federation and the OPEC countries, the price of oil is under a lot of pressure off. The price of a barrel of Brent crude oil, which is in a not-so-distant past have peaked at 120 dollars, it is in a few days time, with a 30 per cent fall from 50 to 30 dollars, so the price of fuel at the pump (which, incidentally, are already at their lowest level in more than a year’s standing), from tomorrow, again, an unprecedented plunge.