Since the Corona-Lockdown has changed our everyday life so that the workplace is often next to the place to sleep. British researchers have found that the lack of separation between work and leisure is a common cause for insomnia.

in order To come, despite the Lockdown to a healthy Dose of sleep, it is important to note a few things.

rhythm and limits

In times of the home office and short-time work, it is tempting, in the afternoon to get up and stay up after midnight awake. However, you should not do without in this state of emergency to a regular sleep rhythm. In the ideal case, this means that at the same time to get up, and at the same time to go to bed.

the same is also true for the Work in the home office. Even if the work is Fun, or just do a lot of is: Limit your working time to a certain period of time. Before the sleep is called for, because a long resting phase. Your body needs time to go from work mode to sleep mode

switch The bedroom is not the office

This piece of advice is not to follow in a Lockdown always easy to. The most important is that you use your bed only for Sleeping. In any case, you should need the bed as a workplace, miss. Also, for calls with colleagues or as a shelf for bills the bed is taboo.

Who has the opportunity should banish the office table, completely out of the bedroom. For a successful separation of sleeping time and daily work, a spatial separation is the first step.

However, not everyone has a private room as a home office. In this case, it may also help to throw in the evening a blanket over the work table. According to the principle “Out of sight, out of mind”.

eat, Drink, Sleep,

How well do you your body to sleep at night, also has to do with your diet. Sugar and saturated fatty acids, the ingredients found in Fast Food, for worse sleep, as scientists from Columbia University have found out.

fiber-rich foods, such as Pasta, potatoes or rice provide, however, for a quieter sleep. To caffeine, you should avoid some hour before bedtime.

Instead of a Cup of coffee in the evening is recommended, for example, banana water, because bananas contain substances that are particularly sleep-inducing. An organic banana along with the peel and cut into pieces with water and a bit of cinnamon bring to a boil. The perfect bedtime drink!

Blue lights of the phone screen

The light from TVs, computers and mobile phones is bluish and has a stimulating effect on the body. Means: If you put just before bedtime the phone, your body is still too awake to sleep.

it is Better to read before Sleep or to listen to a radio play. For all that can not ever do without the cell phone, most cell phones today, a blue filter that allows the light from the phone screen, a little less blue lights.

So you sleep as a marmot

With these twelve tips, you will go to sleep faster and better by. The best Tricks to fight against sleep disorders. Give it a try!

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“sleeping pills we prescribe only in case of emergency”

Raphael Heinzer know how to say it right
falls asleep In the last 50 years, we have lost an hour of sleep, Raphael Heinzer. The President of the Swiss society for sleep research, Red Bull, jet lag, shift work, and screens.

tips for a good night

a Lot of sway with the Scrolling through the phone in the bedroom. The digital night reading interferes with a restful sleep. But there are still more things that you should better stay away, undisturbed sleep.