Tikhonov, speaking about the new head coach of the national team of Russia in biathlon, offered to return Yeltsin

Alexander Tikhonov Alexander Tikhonov
the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation

four-time Olympic biathlon champion Alexander Tikhonov said that he is more than negative refers to the candidacy of Valery Bolhovskogo to the post of chief coach of the Russian team.

the Board of the Russian biathlon Union on Friday sent for approval to the Ministry of sports of the Russian Federation the nomination of the Vice-President of the organization Bolhovskogo to the post of chief coach of the Russian team.

“This man should never work in sport, especially biathlon. Napoganili everywhere. I wonder just one thing: I kicked him out before the world Cup kicked Belarusians, Kazakhs expelled. Two years was dangling, now, again… I can’t understand it. Let’s go back to Yeltsin, maybe?”, – quoted Tikhonov RIA Novosti.

“I don’t think he approved, because I have little doubt about the professionalism and integrity of the new Minister Oleg Vasilyevich. I think he still will understand. Moreover, (head of training Center of national teams of Russia, the ex-President of the RBU Alexander) he is aware of who Polkhovsky and what he represents,” concluded the Agency interlocutor.

last season, the Russian team has not won a single victory at the world Cup, setting a record for the number of races without medals. At the same time, Alexander Loginov on the planet championship has brought the men’s team of the country the first in 12 years, gold in the individual competition.