Many think in order to move to the country. But you need to convert the garden house, designed for seasonal living, a living which can even be prescribed.

a house is considered residential? Of course, not a hut on chicken legs, and firmly connected with the earth capital structure.

As explained by experts of the Federal cadastral chamber, a house should be reliable load-bearing structures and the roof. This structure is necessary to bring electric lighting, cold water supply (to organize and hot water), water removal (Sewerage), have heating and ventilation.

For garden home in a residential will require the following actions.

Step one. First of all you need to make a statement on the recognition of the garden houses, which indicate the cadastral number of the garden house, cadastral number of the land plot on which the house is located, the mailing address of the applicant or his e-mail address, method of receipt of the decision of the municipality on changing the destination premises.

Also need to provide an extract from the Unified state register of real estate (egrn) about the main characteristics and the registered rights to object of real estate. If the ownership of the applicant on the garden the house is not registered in egrn, you must have the title document ..

Next, you need the conclusion on inspection of a technical condition of object, which will confirm that the house is safe and secure. The document is issued by professional engineers performing work on the survey properties.

All of these documents must be submitted to the designated local authority (in authority on the lands in which country is cooperative) or in the centre.

Step two. When all documents are collected, it is necessary only to wait for the administration’s decision on the recognition or refusal of recognition of garden houses. This process takes no more than 45 calendar days from the date of the application.

may Refuse for the following reasons: the applicant submitted incomplete package of documents with a statement of acceptance of garden houses addressed is not the owner of this facility, the types of permitted use of land do not provide for the placement of the houses. So, for example, land must be for horticulture, not gardening.

Step three. If the local authority considers that the house is quite possible to live all year round, then it sends its decision to the applicant and to the authority of registration (Rosreestr).

on average, all treatments associated with the transfer of property from a garden in residential, 2-3 months.

it is Necessary to understand that the SNT is not a village. In rare cases, mestnost will be gasified. Usually include only light. Therefore, all the other blessings of civilization – Autonomous. To do need professionals to be reliable and powerful.

For heating, you can install gas tank – tank with liquefied propane-butane mix. You will have to spend about 200-300 thousand rubles. Quality septic tank will cost 150-250 thousand (with installation). Wells for water – not less than 100 thousand rubles.