The car is The most common recommendation for the prevention of the spread of the corona virus, it is: “Stay in your room’. But what if you’re still in the car somewhere? The Experts of the car manufacturer Skoda will give you advice.

“The general rule is to get in touch with the others, minimize it,” says Jana, Parmova, chief doctor at the Czech car maker Skoda, in a press release. “If there’s still driven to be a journey, then the only part of the car, with no-one. If you are with someone in a car, make sure that the person is not an acute symptoms of asthma have. Using even a dust mask.”

Medications have to pick use

It has been under the doctor’s dangerous to think that your car is a type of cell-isolation cell, which is the contact with others, you can minimise as required for trips to, for example, the pick-up of groceries. “If you can’t avoid coming into contact with other people, and would have to go with the car, make sure to use the preventive and hygiene measures,” says Parlova.

and According to the doctor, there is a limited aantalcontactpunten, and the vehicle must be regularly treated to minimise the risk of infection is to minimize it. “This could include door handles, door frames, and the steering wheel and the gear lever. For the sake of completeness, the brand has two pictures (above and below) was published as an illustration enonderstaande checklist is prepared to reduce the risk of the spread of the Covid-19 (and other viruses) is to reduce it.

1. for example, If you are sitting in the car, going to go try to be the only way to go.

2. do you Have one or more passengers on board, avoid any physical contact with, and make a note of their details so that you can reach it when it turns out that you have been infected.

3. in order to Disinfect your car in the places that you have to touch it with a cleaning agent that is at least 70% alcohol. Alcohol is damaging to the art-leather covers, in principle, but it should not come as a mad scrub. Then, the material can become discolored. Cleaning, you have to be careful and not be too hard, then there is nothing to worry about. Treat the leather after cleaning with a protective agent for the leather.

4. wash your hands frequently.

5. to Use and, if necessary, a dust mask. A lot of first aid kits offered by manufacturers will be delivered have to have one of them. In order to put yourself up against the corona virus, is to protect you, you have a protective mask class FFP3 or better is required.

6. , the Vessel is safe. The use of a glove when refueling and be of use, if possible, in a non-contact method, or through a mobile app.