finally, The candidates of the “Expedition Robinson” are now more than twenty-one days on the island, and tensions run high. In the immuniteitsproef makes every effort everyone at Herman’s, which is already bad, is included in the group. His days on the island is on its way out?

There is a immuniteitsproef in the planning process. And soon, it becomes clear that all of the candidates are ganging up against the Money. “So, what have I done wrong?”, he asked to himself. One by one the candidates, it’s him, the harder the test, which means they will run into problems.

If immuniteitsproef it says, it says island council. Last week, we were all saying goodbye by Nell. It had been a long fight in her, one that she can never be sure that they will be able to continue. Ruth, and She is now the only remaining women on the island. Alone with Ruth, and She represents the female gender even more.

the Question is whether or not there will be only one woman, the more likely you will make it to the title. Although there are certainly people who have reason to fear for their place on the island. Herman is already not very good in the group. In the last island council, he felt all uncomfortable. And also, Carl is in the danger zone. The last time he tried to play all the votes are in on Nell. Now that he is on the good will of the residents rely on.

for More about Expedition Robinson ‘Expedition Robinson’candidate Carl divides the opinions of the viewers: “you are for me you are against me”), five Belgians, is in the running to win it after merging in the ‘Expedition Robinson’: Every man for himself, of course. Revenge in “Expedition Robinson” For the first time, take a man with a disability participate in ‘The mole’: “Christians of length? That is not an issue”