the universal Service of electronic document management small procurements launched in the vendor portal.

the service allows the provider of the already familiar personal account portal to create a universal electronic document. It will serve as both invoice and act of acceptance. It is also possible to sign an electronic signature and send to the accounting system of the customer, where it is possible to take the product, register and pay.

It will help to refuse delivery of paper documents, reduce labor costs both at the supplier and the customer, including completely eliminating manual entry in accounting system information and primary documents about the execution. This procedure now takes up to 80 percent of the time by specialists of the customer.

Moscow is 275 thousand purchases a small volume a year, which is 62 percent of the total.

Now the service is launched only for the procurement of small volume for the supply of goods. In the future we plan scale electronic document management in the execution of procurement in accordance with 223-FZ.

Users of the vendor portal, has signed about 500 thousand contracts in 2019 godyak a city vendor

the vendor Portal was created in 2013 to automate the procedures of procurement of small volume. It helps to increase competition for potential suppliers, gives the ability to objectively evaluate the marketplace and analyze information on compliance. Now with the resource have been working for more than 165 thousands of suppliers and the product catalog contains 450 thousand names. Study portal appeared in December 2019 and in pilot mode updated to reflect feedback from users.