currently the number of unemployed in Russia approaching 1.5 million people. And this is only the official statistics. In fact, people left without a livelihood,many times more. Experts predict that in the summer in the country will be 5-6 million loafers necessarily. However, the employment service already can not cope with the calculation of payments to all comers. People who are in a difficult situation, you have to recapture every penny of the money promised by the state. In addition, many citizens do not really understand what benefits they are entitled.

When I learned that the capital of the promised increased unemployment benefits in the amount of 19.5 thousand rubles, I immediately started thinking as to pick up his work from a beauty salon, – Muscovite says Christine. – In our industry it is not customary to pay official salary, we work for interest of the client. While everyone wants to have some kind of white income, so we compensate employers taxes on the minimum wage, but we get credited. I worked part-time in March and left without a livelihood, since many customers had already cancelled the account. Then the salon closed. In the result, through long negotiations with the owner only to the 25th of April I managed to write the application on dismissal and to pick up his work. Naturally, I immediately filed for unemployment benefits.

a few days later on the card Christina, specified in the statement, fell nearly as much as 600 rubles. It happened in the may holidays, so the woman immediately figured out what was happening. And then on the morning of may 12 to the map flew another payment in the amount of 3 156 rubles and 41 kopecks.

I was surprised by the amount, and I began to call to the employment Center in the South-West of Moscow, which addressed, but there I just began to puff brains, says the Muscovite. – The operator began to prove that, given my small salary, I already got all the provisions. Then she started to talk about the fact that 1,400 rubles from payments relies only unemployed people who ride the transport, and I do not drive. The question is what where it is known. The conversation ended on the phrase that those wishing to receive the benefit of the crowd, but workers do not, and we need to wait and to rejoice that generally something given. Naturally, my response was not satisfied, and I called again with a threat to complain to higher authority. And what do you think, in the evening I received the message: “I gave you a clearing, was actually not a Supplement, excuse me, the money will be transferred to the account”. A specific amount and term I, of course, again not called. So, if I said nothing, the General would be left with a penny in payment . Together with economist Elena Demidova, we figured out what conditions you need to follow to get the most iniplato unemployment promised by the mayor. It was not so easy, this amount is assigned is not all:

“Until the epidemic of the coronavirus unemployment ranged from 1,5 to 8 thousand roubles depending on previous earnings. The minimum rate was received by the people who are to register at the labour exchange did not work. However, in a pandemic, the authorities have decided to increase the amount of benefits to all citizens, subject to certain conditions, to the minimum wage, that is, until 12130 roubles. In turn, the regions have the right to set their own markup to this amount. As a result, Moscow has increased the maximum allowance to 19, 5 thousand rubles, and the suburbs up to 15 thousand rubles. However, the maximum payment you can receive far not everyone Needs to be complied with all the stated conditions: registration in the region of receiving the payment, the dismissal in a lawful manner, with the exception of cases of violation of labor discipline, work experience of not less than 60 days from the beginning of 2020, regardless of salary. In the last paragraph lies the big problem, including for employees of beauty salons, which often feature part-time. For them, the law says that to obtain the maximum benefits they must have worked in a part-day as much as a full working day during a recalculation. If a person resigned at the end of March to the beginning of the regime of self-isolation, to comply with these conditions was simply impossible, the payments will be less. Sadly, the official did not report openly, because a lot of people left without a livelihood, and was working in degraded mode in conjunction with the sector”.

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