Passengers praised the entered epidemiological measures and choose trip by rail. Every day they buy about 300 thousand tickets, which is about 1.4 times higher than in the first month of summer. Steadily increasing ticket sales via the Internet, they now account for 63% of the total number of completed travel documents. So, in July delivered more than 5.7 million electronic tickets on long-distance trains.

Measures of sanitary security on the Railways, indeed, very strict. First, it is the disinfection of trains before flights and a four-time maid in the route.

second, the wearing of masks by staff members of the train crew and the measurement of the temperature of the passengers with a contactless infrared thermometer. The conductors also certainly measured her feel unwell, the employee simply will not be allowed in the car. If the temperature rises, as the passenger at the nearest station to it will cause physicians.

And finally, the coaches are equipped with system of air disinfection. They work on the basis of bactericidal UV lamps and is supplied to the carriage cleared the air. Such technical solutions have been applied by manufacturers of cars Transmashholding (TMH) about ten years ago and today are used in all types of rolling stock intended for transport of passengers.

“Even before the pandemic coronavirus was clear that the need to strengthen the safety of passengers. That is why our cars are equipped with decontamination systems and air and water. Now people particularly concerned about the purity and safety of the air. Plant according to its disinfection allows to do the caught in the system, bacteria and viruses harmless to humans. This task is handled by a powerful amalgam UV germicidal lamp,” explains Deputy General Director of Transmashholding for the development of passenger transport Alexander Loshmanov.

“These lamps are well clean and disinfect the air, – stressed the Director of the laboratory “Ecology of life space” Anton Yastrubtsi. This is a very important system for trains. Some people are afraid of irradiation with ultraviolet light, however, in trains such installations are securely hidden under the roof of the car, have a protective grid and can not harm the health of passengers”.

And the effectiveness of the system of air disinfection was confirmed during the tests, the specialists of all-Russian research Institute of railway hygiene Rospotrebnadzor.

“Ultraviolet light is the accepted way to decontaminate the air from harmful microorganisms and viruses, says a virologist, academician Ershov Felix. Receipt in the car disinfected air is something that is necessary in the circumstances. I believe that you have entered on the railway measures for the protection of passengers is justified. And sanitary service is working well.”

However, the vehicle manufacturers do not stop there: given the demands of time, experts TMH to discuss with the Federal passenger company (FPC) for more epidemiological system security.

So, in the salons of trains of distant following it is possible to make the end doors of carriages are fully automatic. This will reduce the number of surfaces that passengers touch his hands, and thereby reduce the risk of spreading infections. Manufacturers also offer to install in the washrooms additional system quartz treatment.

These solutions can be implemented by the manufacturer in those new cars that the company delivers the FPC according to the agreement signed in February 2019. In accordance with it by 2025, the vehicle manufacturers will produce more than 3.7 thousand cars of new model range. Compartment is single storey, staff, coaches open-ended restaurants, with Seating, as well as entirely new cars for the formation of compounds such as “Push-pull” and the double-Decker cars. They will meet the modern requirements of convenience, reliability and epidemiological safety of the passengers, according to the companies.