the Problem with children’s road safety remains acute. Numerous cases when the irresponsible attitude of adults to the safety of children has led to tragic consequences, talk about the need for outreach to parents. Federal project “road Safety”, included into the structure of the national project “Safe and quality roads,” includes a number of measures aimed at reducing accidents involving children and adolescents. While a significant part of their adult-orientated. According to statistics, about 85 per cent of accidents with participation of minors is due to violation of the rules by drivers.

in particular, In the framework of the Federal project on the basis of maternity hospitals and perinatal centres are being trained for the safe transportation of child passengers. They are conducted by health workers, previously trained at a special rate. They involve expectant young mothers before or immediately after birth before discharge.

In 2019, the project was launched already in 30 regions of the country. During the period from 2019 to 2021 it will be held in 100 cities. Currently, the trainings involved more than 4.5 thousands of young and expectant mothers. It is expected that by the end of 2021 100 largest perinatal centres and maternities of the country will host more than nine thousand trainings for more than 36 thousand pregnant women and young mothers. In addition, children’s hospitals, policlinics and other social objects will appear clear materials explaining the necessity and rules of use of child restraint devices.

Also in the framework of the Federal project provides for awareness-raising activities and dissemination of visual materials at gas stations, registration and examination divisions of traffic police, educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, universities, driving schools, social organizations), pension funds, social security institutions. Every year such events will be held in 15 Russian regions.

In 2019 in 15 regions of the Russian Federation was held a social campaign “by far” the aim of which was to convey the importance of the correct choice of the speed limit given the traffic situation and environmental conditions.

the campaign was developed by the massive range of advertising and educational activities covering practically all groups of the population: pupils of kindergartens, pupils, students, parents, learners, driving schools, beginners and experienced drivers, and pedestrians. Special attention in the campaign was paid to the work with adolescents and young people whose behaviour they copy very young road users. Specifically for this category of organized challenges in social networks and a number of other Internet activities, accessible and understandable to today’s youth

this year 15 regions is a large-scale social campaign aimed at raising people’s awareness of the main risk factors in road traffic and prevention.