Yuri, summer is in full swing and the holiday season because of operating constraints has just begun. Tourist summer will be held?

Yuri Barzykin: the Tourist season will be, but different. March, April, may, half of June fell. But now tourists went to the sea, begins to act, as they say, pent-up demand. It will grow in July and August, grab the September.

Prices now also start to grow?

Yuri Barzykin: the Cost of holidays in this season in General will be similar to last year, and sometimes even lower if you take the tour. For example, air travel, especially for Charter programs in June worth 25% less than last year. Hotels also give very good prices. There have been proposals for location of the hotels four stars to 2 thousand rubles per day. There are different accommodation options, a decent proposal.

In July, of course, the gap in prices from last year will be reduced, that is, prices will grow. So it pays to plan tours. Sooner will be cheaper.

Russian southern resorts will be able to take on all comers?

Yuri Barzykin: of Course. At the end of the year people resorts still come in less than last year by about a third. It just seems that because of the closed foreign destinations the number of tourists will be redistributed. Not to say that all those who do not go abroad, go to the South of Russia. There will be about 30%. The rest will wait for the opening of overseas destinations, you can go to travel around the country, for example, the lake Baikal and in Khakassia, or even not going anywhere. About half of those who usually went to rest, this year do not plan to travel, because I spend time in isolation.

In the peak months – July, August of this year the flow of tourists to the sea will increase in comparison with the same month of last year?

Yuri Barzykin: the number of Tourists may be increased. But placing a special order of work set by the CPS. For example, you need to provide private rooms. So anyway, hotels are filled to only 50-60%. And last year used more than 100%.

this could win the private sector?

Yuri Barzykin: Yes, the private sector also can offer very good options. Due to the accommodation in private homes, apartments the number of tourists may increase. Will be able to relax and those who hope for a budget option. But the people have tasted a quality vacation. They now want comfortable rooms, good service, beautiful hotel grounds, the beach.

Russian resorts can compete with foreign?

Yuri Barzykin: Can. We often do little to appreciate their capabilities, ��will umiem that far behind. In fact, we have proposals, not inferior to foreign. Closed until international destinations, there is a good opportunity to explore the possibilities for recreation in the country. By the way, this is another feature of the season 2020. On the Russian resorts will come to those who previously, there never was or has been for a very long time. They thought we in the South all the same Soviet service, backward and expensive, and you’ll see a very different picture. There is a very decent offer. For example, seaside resorts of the Big Sochi and the mountain cluster of Krasnaya Polyana. You can live in the mountains, and half an hour later to be already on the beach. In the end, tourists are only now visited the Russian tourist destinations or visited here last time in a very long time, will be back. Thus, domestic tourism will grow in the future. We now return tourism to the Crimea, the Krasnodar territory is already over 70%. Such indicators can be pursued in other domestic tourist destinations.

Krasnodar Krai traditionally, the leaders demand among tourist destinations. Than it attracts tourists, what kind of experience could learn from other areas?

Yuri Barzykin: first, here are all the possibilities for different segments of travelers. More hotels working on system “all inclusive”. Many of these hotels works in the Imereti lowland in Sochi. Comfortable next to the promenade, the Olympic Park, the Olympic heritage. There are hotels five, four and three stars.

second, now Krasnodar Krai attractive possibilities of treatment and recovery that does not exist anywhere else. Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik provide opportunities of health tourism.

aside from beaches there is also a new discovery tours. For example, “Golden ring of the Bosporan Kingdom,” which includes the Krasnodar region and the Crimean Peninsula, captures even the Rostov oblast. You can drive through the cities, which preserved the Greek legacy.

Developing eco-tourism, agro-tourism. There are wine tours in Anapa, which are very popular. Gastronomic tourism is also attracting more people. For example, you can go to see how they extract the honey, try not diluted, and the real product.

There are tours where you can see how to collect tea, nuts, prepare goat cheese. There are different opinions, but the prevailing black sea cuisine is still unique.

Finally, in the Krasnodar region is a very developed infrastructure of trade, service. This is a copy of Moscow. The region has absolutely all retailers, fast-food outlets, supermarkets. The people here fall into their familiar environment.

And the Russians do love travelto improve, maybe the majority would like to reside in their usual environment?

Yuri Barzykin: the Russians, of course, love to travel. According to surveys, over 70% would like to travel. To wish for something they desire, but means little. Unfortunately, only about 40% can really go somewhere. And of these, only 25% can go around the country, and the rest go to the suburbs, to the country.

of Course, we need to synchronize the infrastructure development projects in tourism with the support of the consumer. To allow the Russians to go.

of Course, some measures are already there. For example, the employer can Fund the rest of the staff in the country and get tax benefits. Subsidized air travel in Russia. But these measures are still insufficient.

If we want tourism emerged faster from the crisis, we need to encourage the travel of tourists.

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