The street St. Nicholas showed in the two time slices for the 2018 world Cup and CoViD-19

32 photos 360 degree format “was/became” can see in the VR report by reference.

Today, more than four billion people live in the mode of self-isolation. The world seems to be empty. And just two years ago, during the world Cup in 2018, the streets of Russian cities were filled with a crowd of fans from 32 countries. Russia has hosted millions of guests from all continents. Nikolskaya street in Moscow, then became the “outside world.”

Photo: courtesy of the public As a friendly get-together turned into a nationwide creative flashmob

the Epidemic of the coronavirus CoViD-19 led to the closure of state borders, cancel all international events, to ensure that people do not go out. Today humanity, as a team, threw all their forces to fight a common opponent – CoViD-19. Laboratory “Gigaram” offers to see what it looked like “street world” then and now.

“the world Cup in Russia – until the last folk festival of the world and the symbol of a unified open world, commented co-author Marat Saychenko. – Empty streets now – a symbol of civil solidarity and the fight against common misfortune for the sake of such a feast again became possible.”

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