The singer Stas Mikhailov, who had pneumonia, confirmed coronavirus

the singer Stas Mikhailov, who had pneumonia, confirmed coronavirus the singer Stas Mikhailov, who had pneumonia, confirmed coronavirus
AGN Moscow

the Russian singer Stas Mikhailov in his Instagram said that some time ago had coronavirus. “He never thought that with this encounter, but unfortunately, it’s true. And the test of the CPS confirmed that I was indeed the coronavirus,” wrote the artist.

Mikhailov said that Russia is being treated at a very high level, and timely access to doctors and respect for themselves and others “will give a good result.” “Self-isolation is best for us today! We need to think not only about yourself but about those around!” he said.

Earlier Stas Mikhailov said that he had been ill with bilateral pneumonia, while the tests for coronavirus were negative. Last week he published a video in which house does test for the coronavirus. According to the results, the artist had developed antibodies. Lately with pneumonia were hospitalized, the artists Igor Nikolaev, Lev Leshchenko and Hope Babkin, and fashion historian and TV presenter Alexander Vasiliev. Leshchenko and Nikolaev already checked out. Babkin, according to media reports, was in an induced coma and was connected to a ventilator.

Press attaché of the theatre “Russian song” Alexander Velor explained that the coronavirus artist is not found, informs RIA “news”. A friend of grandmother Margaret, the Queen said that the artist has brought out of medically-induced coma.

the relatives of the singer claim that she has not had contact with the infected coronavirusOhm, but some time ago she celebrated the anniversary, which was attended by Alexander Buinov, who a few days before, visited the party involving infected Leshchenko.

At the same ceremony was attended by Nikolay Baskov, Oleg Gazmanov with his wife, Vladimir Vinokur with his wife, Irina Allegrova, Alexander Rosenbaum, Lera Kudryavtseva, Alsu, Valery Leontiev, Alexander Serov, Ani Lorak, Alexander Revva, Dimash Kudaibergen and other stars.

fashion Historian Alexander Vasiliev was admitted to the hospital in Kommunarka with bilateral pneumonia after about a week unsuccessfully self-medicating.

April 5, Vasilyev cough and the temperature began to rise, reports TASS. The presenter tried to treat tea, lemon, ginger, soda and tincture of ginseng. It didn’t help, and his ambulance to the hospital.

According to Vasilyev, he feels well and is recovering, the result taken from him by the test for coronavirus is not yet ready. He said that in Kommunarka excellent environment, delicious food, perfect cleanliness and “very good medical personnel.”