Showbiz is Also nieuwsankers doesn’t seem to escape the corona. For example, “VTM News” it’s a period of time without a Freek Braeckman (41), and Birgit Van Mol (52), which are both symptoms of the virus, show. Her husband, René, is as a heart patient in the ‘at risk’, she said last week on this. However, in the meantime, the nieuwsanker. Your cookie settings to make sure that the content is not displayed.

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as poor as a schotelvod: that’s what Young, now they are in quarantine about the home. “I was lucky not to go to the hospital,” she said in the message. “I’ve got a high temperature and a dry cough, a sore throat, and muscle aches. I can’t feel my lungs, my body, lie down, and I’m extremely tired. I need to be sure to april 5, binnenblijven. In the spare room with my cell phone, an iPad and a few books. I’m sitting at home with a heavy risicopatiënt, right?”
Rene is a heart patient.

It is now absolutely can not get sick. So, we have to be extra careful. Once a day I eat with the family, but I am on a two-meter distance, with the gloves. What I can touch is disinfected.

For a reporter, it is such a sad thing to just fall out.

then so be It. It is not a bad thing that I immuunstoffen culture. If, later, colleagues’loss, I am once again fit to fly. But this is just guess work on how the situation is going to change. Go with the flow, it has to be.