Year the Dentist Each and every About the a 45, it was on Saturday, march 28, ripped off for $ 165 by fake police officers. “She stopped me and said that I don’t have the essential movement that you did, in which they are fined immediately and had to be recovered. In retrospect, it was naive that I had to leave the race, but I’ve never been arrested by the police,” a witness to All.

For me, the important thing is that this is no longer happening! The money will see that I will probably never go back.

Each and every About the

the Dentists were Saturday at Christian, and The Society for surgery surgical masks to pick up. On the way between the Department and the Year on the de Limburg Stirumlaan were two officers tandartse Each of the About the from. “I got to have my window just barely to the bottom and they asked for no id. Looking back, it was not, but at that time I was not aware of it. She asked me why I was out on the road, when I have them in the mail and had to see it. Having regard to the dentists, only emergency surgeries are allowed to do so and at the moment really not allowed to work for them for a reason, to show that this is a non-essential movement was all about,” says Every one.

all The agents are saying that the fine of $ 165 immediately and had to be recovered. “That was money they didn’t have a debit card, and I didn’t get a receipt. There’s another thing that usually isn’t possible, of course. Normally, I have not that much cash in your pocket. But since I am still on the path, I wanted to take the opportunity to get the money out of the practice of the bank to make a deposit. If I’m not, I could probably even pay for it. But remember, you will only be in hindsight of course, sigh, they are.


because they’ve never been in contact with the police force, and a little uncomfortable at the event was not an alarm bell off. “That was ringing only go when a Christian, for me opbelde. I had sent him an e-mail about the incident and asked to have my order of 100 masks for my hand to hold. He told me straight away the message that there is something very wrong was going on,” says Every one.

After king Stephen Hanson of the union of Flemish Dentists, get her to immediately file a criminal complaint. This is how it’s done. “Saturday night, I am a complaint, go down to the police department about the incident.” After that, she was still the order mondmaskertjes with a peaceful heart. “In the office, they told us that it is not likely that I will have my money back to see. For me, the important thing is that this is no longer happening!”

ANPR cameras

Kris Geeraerts, the spokesman said police Do And the Father has to know of the occurrence of the event. “We have, yesterday is indeed a pv, is drawn up. The two men were a perfect Change, and all had a blue pull-on. Here the symbols of the police force rose up, the victim could not remember. They were driving a white, handling sessions, but we do not have a license plate number. At the moment we are looking for the ANPR cameras, and it’s time that we do have.”

the Mayor of the Year: Jan Spooren (N-VA), regrets this immensely. “It is very unfortunate that people in this situation to exploit. It’s not fun for the people, not the police. Have been hard at work to raise awareness and verbalize as to where is needed. Police officers are there for the people, and to do their best for the safety of everyone is guaranteed. So, if there is such a misuse will be made by the fake policemen, I am sorry to do so.” Spooren wish you all a call to take advantage of this strange situation is due to the corona virus, and calls on people to be careful.

Who’s in this story is to recognize, it is best to contact the local police in a Year.