“the Explosive demand for conventional products in March, we did not have. But during the period of isolation all of our inventory of products sold, which we haven’t had,” he says.

According to him, while this increased demand is due to the desire of the Russians in the absence of the possibility to go to a restaurant to treat themselves to quality food. But at the end of the pandemic trend in organic and overall healthier products certainly are fixed, the expert believes. And in the future three years, the production of organic food will rise at least five times, assesses the kites.

the Expert believes that the coronavirus has already helped me to realize the value of organic production as a factor of formation of a strong immune system through quality healthy nutrition. On the other hand, the system of organic production itself is formed on the principle of self-isolation. It uses local resources, ideally use a closed production cycle, the Bank formed its seed and planting material. Shoulder of the supply of fresh organic products is short, because it does not use preservatives, the shelf life is small.

“In the production of organic products used by domestic means of production, reduced dependence on imports. It is environmentally friendly and sustainable food security of the country”, – said the expert.

however, he recognizes that organic products are rather expensive products. In this sense, more accessible to the consumer can become “intermediate”, “green” agricultural products.

the Instruction to create a secure domestic brand of green and clean agricultural products, Russian President Vladimir Putin gave to the government in February 2019. According to the head of the state, such a brand needs to confirm that the production uses only safe for human health technologies, as well as “to earn high quality guarantee both in domestic and foreign markets”. In 2019, the Ministry of agriculture developed a draft Federal law that distinguish “green” products in a single segment, different from organic food, and mass market. These products will be sold under the national brand “Green standard”.

“the Main characteristic of “Green standard” is the ability to combine different technologies in agricultural production. Including intensive technologies with the use of mineral fertilizers with special indicators of the purity of mineral fertilizers. Certification of “green” agricultural products, raw materials and food will be based on the requirements of the state national standards, which came into force in March this�� of the year”, – says the founder of the “Green club”, the President of the Russian Association of fertilizer producers Andrey Guriev.

In his opinion, the “Green standard” will allow to provide the population with healthy and affordable food and to support high profitability of domestic agribusiness due to the intensification of agricultural production, while maintaining agro-ecological balance.