may 1 in the System fast payments (SBP) the Central Bank abolished the Commission on transfers. There are restrictions – free of charge you can transfer the amount of 100 thousand per month. Zero tariffs will apply until 30 June 2022. Participate in the system 55 of the Russian banks, however it is not the largest state – Sberbank. SBP allows to do the translation via the phone number, including in other regions and pay for purchases by scanning the QR code. Tell how to use free transfers and what is wrong with them.

according to the website of URS to perform the operation necessary to open the app of your Bank and enter the phone number of the buyer. Mobile services of large banks and has provided the possibility of transferring the phone number. System of quick payments, a statement which became the Central Bank, combined banks, large and regional, in a single national infrastructure. It started in 2019 in experimental mode. Then the Commission is equal with customer or with the banks themselves. From 1 January 2020, the Central Bank introduced a fee for banks from 5 kopecks to 3 rubles per transaction, the credit institution took the Commission and set tariff rates at their own discretion. Since may, the newly introduced zero-tariff treatment for coronavirus crisis.

Since the launch of the faster payments System the Russians had done in her 13 million transactions in the amount of 112 billion rubles, said the Director of the national payment system Department, Central Bank of the Russian Federation Alla Bakina.

the Order of actions when translating your each Bank, depending on the application, but General instructions are similar. First you need to select the partition where you can make the payment or transfer. Enter the recipient number and the amount. Sometimes asked to choose the method of translation, in this case, the “quick payments”. It is also necessary to specify the beneficiary Bank transfer. In the end, to confirm the operation. Promise that the time duration of one transfer does not exceed 15 seconds.

Now about the limitations. Without a fee, you can transfer up to 100 thousand per month. In excess of the amount, will be charged 0.5% of the amount transferred, but not more than 1.5 thousand rubles. As noted by Alla Bakina, the amount of 100 thousand rubles “, covers the basic needs of citizens with money transfers to relatives, repayment of loans in different banks, or salary transfer to their accounts in another Bank.”

the Total amount of transfers in a month does not always mean that 100 thousand can be transferred at a time. Minimum amount of single transfer in SBP banks set themselves. For example, in one of the larger state-owned banks at a time can take up to 50 thousand rubles.

earlier this year it was reported that the Central Bank revealed vulnerabilities in the System faster payments, in particular, several phone numbers. Fingering numbers, the fraudsters can map the phones of people with a specific Bank, and when�� to call customers and try to extract money through fraudulent social engineering tactics.

“Now the banks during implementation of the project SBP implement protection against brute force of numbers,” said investment strategist “BKS the Prime Minister” Alexander Bakhtin. However, the attackers come up with new ways to mine customer data, and no payment system, including the SBP’s Central Bank, is immune.

the introduction of zero rate on transfers Bakhtin called “social measure”. “In the face of declining incomes due to the coronavirus, individuals will be able without additional cost to translate each other money. By the way, even when the amounts of more than 100 thousand rubles in SBP rate lower than the average at traditional transfers between different banks,” – said the expert. The Central Bank now taking the opportunity to successfully “advertise” their system. “Definitely will contribute to the growth of transfers through St. PETERSBURG, increase of its market share,” added our source.

However, for banks, the abolition of transfer fees in St. PETERSBURG will not benefit. “For banks this is another loss of income. Not so long ago, the Central Bank has restricted the fee the acquiring Bank and roaming”, – has reminded a leading analyst of the Forex Optimum Ivan kapustyasky. The expert is confident that its costs of a credit institution, under the laws of the market, will pass on to customers, if not now so later.