The Russians have listed the characteristics of an ideal employer

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Evgeny Samarin

the Majority (89%) of Russian citizens believe that the most important characteristic of an ideal employer is a decent salary, and more than half believe that it is career growth and benefits. This is evidenced by the survey data the analytical center of the NAFI, which is at the disposal of TASS.

“For half of the respondents of great importance are good relations in the team and stability of the company”, – stated in the survey results.

according to the survey, men and women prioritize different characteristics of the employer. So, women pay attention to having a good benefits package and friendly team. Men were more likely to note the importance of the size of the company.

Career growth is a priority for 73% of young people (to 24 years). But for Russians younger than 35 years an important opportunity for professional development.

In March, the analysts services job search and recruitment “” conducted a survey on the theme of gender impact on career development. 60% of respondents believe that gender doesn’t matter to achieve working success. 32% believe that women move up the career ladder more difficult. A similar view in relation to men share of 8% of the respondents.

Dimensions checked, what is the relationship between heterosexual employees and managers. It turned out that 45% of women follow male leadership, and female leadership is trusted by 7% of the male workers.

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