“Concern radio-Electronic technology” (KRET, part of rostec) will continue production of artificial lung ventilation (ALV) “Aventa-M”, which caught fire in Moscow hospitals and St. Petersburg. as a result of fire killed patients in these hospitals. The decision to continue the production of medical equipment reported to “Interfax” in the group on Thursday, June 11.

“KRET did not stop manufacturing of the ventilator “Aventa-M” and continues their production in accordance with the contract. No reason to abandon these plans, at the moment the company has no”, — reported in KRET. It specified that the review touched upon the “limited batch” of vehicles.

in addition, KRET said that in eight years of presence on the market of medical equipment technology company has established itself as a “reliable and effective”, and alleged not only in Russia but also abroad.

Earlier it was reported that all ventilators “Aventa-M” production “Ural instrument-making factory” on the decision of Roszdravnadzor recalled after fires in hospitals. In response to the action of the Department KRET has decided to carry out additional checks of medical equipment “on functionality and security.”

Produced at “Ural instrument plant” ventilators were used in the city clinical hospital of a name of Spasokukotskogo in Moscow and in St. George in the St. Petersburg. 9 and 12 may there was a fire, which killed eight people: two patients in the St. Petersburg, six — in Moscow. After the incident, the handling of the ventilator “Aventa-M” was suspended. According to the preliminary version, ignition has occurred due short circuit protection.