“to be honest, it doesn’t look good.” That said, the organisation is at Rock Werchter festival, now four-poster, Pearl Jam canceled. In the U.s., the band puts its European tour after a year off.

the Rock Werchter festival by 2020, it is officially not canceled, but if the festival would continue, and that will be that already, without the headliner, Pearl Jam. In the Us, the band, the festival, to Thursday, July 2, had been completed, and has been a full European tour moves on to the next year.

to be Wednesday, the final knot made on the festival summer, at one of its forthcoming national Security council, but the organisation is at Rock Werchter commented on Twitter, very few hopeful: “to be honest, it doesn’t look good. The risk is that we will all meet up in the festivalpark at the beginning of July, it is small. Pundits, politicians, and others, have already taken their concerns with the commission. In any case, thank you for your understanding and patience.”

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the Rock Werchter festival moe(s)t will normally take place from Thursday 2 to Sunday 5 July. Two weeks before that are, as yet, Werchter Boutique, with Taylor Swift, and TWO of the Classic, featuring Paul McCartney, is planned.