The resuscitator of the hospital No. 52, where the singer MakSim struggled with the severe consequences of a coronavirus infection for more than a month, said on the air of the program ” It’s great to live!”what were her first words after coming out of the coma and whether she tried to sing in the intensive care unit after she came to.

“Marina Sergeevna arrived with an unproven PCR, that is, it was negative for her. But with the already formed immunoglobulin G, that is, the question of whether it is a coronavirus infection or not a coronavirus, has disappeared. She was admitted to a ventilator in a serious condition after several days of trying to compensate for it with standard respiratory methods-without effect, ” Pavlov said.

As explained by the host of the TV show “It’s great to live!” Elena Malysheva, artificial ventilation helps if the vessels are free. In the case of MakSim, the ventilator pumped oxygen-rich air into the lungs, but oxygen did not enter the vessels, since there were blood clots there. Connecting to the EKMO device was the singer’s last chance for salvation.

According to Malysheva, ECMO is an artificial lung. The device takes venous blood without oxygen, and then saturates it with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. The oxygenated blood is sent back to the patient’s body, so the patient continues to live, while doctors treat the affected lungs.

“She came to us practically so that we would connect her to ECMO and, accordingly, continue therapy,” Pavlov explained.

According to the doctor, the singer spent about 30 days on ECMO. As Malysheva said, everything was done so that the devices immersed in the singer’s larynx did not touch the vocal cords.

Pavlov also told how MakSim regained consciousness after a coma.

“She opened her eyes. We said the control phrases: you hear, you see, show your tongue, clench your fist, you know where you are. And she literally said that she was in Dubai. And they began to rehabilitate slowly, ” the resuscitator said.

He added that the artist did not try to sing in the intensive care unit.

“She still can’t. She can speak softly and slowly, ” Pavlov said.

Singer MakSim was admitted to the hospital in June. At first, she was treated in a private clinic. After the actress ‘ health condition deteriorated sharply, she was put into a medically induced coma and transferred to hospital No. 52 in Kommunarka. In early August, the singer came to her senses. Later, she was discharged home, where she is undergoing rehabilitation under the supervision of doctors.