The representative of who in Russia: I am hurt by the carelessness of the Russians, too young to die, it is necessary to observe a distance of at least 2 meters

Melita Vujnović Melita Vujnović
Photo: Kirill Zykov / Agency city news “Moscow”

the representative of the world health organization (who), Russia has stated that she was hurt by the carelessness of the inhabitants of Moscow.

Melita Vujnović, speaking at the forum “Next 20 years”, which takes place in an online format, said that he saw on the streets of the capital with friends who do not respect the distance of two meters.

“Just passed through Moscow, and it hurts. Why? Because it is necessary to observe the distance of two meters. And there are two or three friends my age are very close to each other. They don’t know if they have the virus or not. Do not think that the weather is beautiful, the city is beautiful, want to walk. I agree, but one by one, the distance of two meters”, – said the representative of the who.

the who distance of two meters considered non-hazardous for the infection by the coronavirus. According to Vujnović, all you need to follow the doctor’s recommendations, because the epidemic is insidious and picks up speed like a race car.

Melita Vujnović emphasized that the majority of Russians somehow decided that the young do not die from coronavirus. It is not so. Among young deaths, just less.

But infections coronavirus infection recorded in adolescents. For example, in France 12 adolescents and young people are now in intensive care in critical condition. They will survive, nobody knows. And on the eve it became known that the Paris Necker hospital died from the effects of coronavirus infection 16-year-old girl. She became the first underage victim Covid-19 in France.

And this girl was no chronic diseases, no health problems. “It’s time to stop thinking that this virus is dangerous only for the elderly,” asked her family to the citizens of France.

the Representative of who in Russia is also recommended to observe all hygienic rules concerning Pets.

Although direct evidence that the new coronavirus infection can be transmitted from domestic animals to humans, no, but the rules of hygiene after contact with animals should be respected.

According to who, Hong Kong recorded a case when a dog was infected by novel coronavirus infection and died. But as the age of the dog was old, the exact proof of her death could not be established. “At the moment there is no evidence of transmission of coronavirus from domestic animals, but we are very carefully watching what’s happening,” said Vujnović.

“Observe all hygienic rules, to keep your pet at home, but that something else is not moved (him to you)”, she added.