As noted by the mayor of Novosibirsk Anatoly Lokot, the reconstruction of these areas special attention not only because they are included in the Federal program, but because they are on the outskirts of Novosibirsk.

the Reconstruction of all three sites continues from last year. In addition to the national project in Novosibirsk will be repaired five objects, three will be renovated, – said Anatoly Elbow at a visiting meeting on issues of repair, Kedrovaya str.

Reconstruction of the streets of Cedar is carried out in two stages. The total length of the two plots is 2640 meters. After completion of the roadway of Cedar street will be widened, the width of each of the four strips is not less than 3.5 meters. Both sides of the road will be equipped with sidewalks with a width of three meters, at the crossroad with the street Bottoms will install a new traffic light.

Work on the first phase should be completed in September, but in June will be opened through movement on a site from street of Okhotsk to the streets Krause. Its length is 706 meters.

As told to the mayor by a contractor “Souzdorstroy”, reconstruction of Cedar comes with a complete replacement of the road base and the change in geometry of the roadway. The traffic is not blocked, the traffic is routed at different lines.

In the second phase of the reconstruction of Cedar street the work will be conducted in the area from Mochischenskogo highway to the streets of Okhotsk. Its length is 1,935 km. In may 2020 it is planned to conduct an electronic auction for the right of reconstruction. The selected contractor will commence works in 2021. According to the expertise of the cost of phase II of the renovation of 508,6 million rubles for implementation of the project will take two years.

Anatoly Elbow noted that road construction on Cedar street began in 2019: here were laid the cable lines of power supply, built retaining walls of local treatment facilities and reinforced concrete culvert pipe. In places the widening of the roadway equipped stormwater converted two of the pipeline, and partially installed outdoor lighting poles. For these purposes 108,98 million rubles, including 50 million from the Federal budget.

In 2020 83,05 million rubles will construct a culvert and local wastewater treatment facilities, equip the roadbed, Islands, install lighting poles, traffic signs and applied road markings.