The psychologist spoke about the revaluation of values by people after the pandemic COVID-19

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Psychologists said that after the pandemic coronavirus infection will be a General revaluation of values. A member of the Federation of psychologists of education of Russia Yulia Chelysheva expressed confidence that after overcoming the current situation, people will become more appreciative of family and friends.

“After the pandemic, the world will change, people to take another look at many aspects of your life. Of course, there will be a revaluation of values. We already understand how we lack the basic walks, socializing with friends, meetings in cafes, and trying to restore it online chats or conferences”, – quotes Agency “Moscow” were her words.

According to Chelysheva, in the conditions of isolation people lost those little details that were the main components of the day. She claims that at the end of the pandemic, many feeling the taste of life will increase.

the Specialist said that many will begin to pay more attention to the family and friends and will be happy about any detail that had not noticed before.

in addition, according to psychologist, most people will be more careful with their health. And this applies to both physical condition and mental.

“the Required hard work, constant self-regulation – are important characteristics that help to overcome times of crisis”, says Chelysheva.

She added that coronavirus infection will allow to realize someone from the environment really care about, and who, on the contrary, it is not significant. And everything will fall into place.

Chelysheva suggested that the story coronavirus will be a certain theme that will be passed from generation to generation to remind, some disaster survivors.

According to the latest data, in Russia for the last day 2 774 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in 51 regions. Most of the identified diagnoses is in Moscow.

According to statistics, the disease over the past day were able to overcome the 224 patients. Total for the entire period observations recovered 1694 1 016 of them – in Moscow. Only in Russia was 21 102 cases of coronavirus in 82 regions.

Russia 2774 new confirmed case of infection COVID-19

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