Premier League clubs are not just under extreme time pressure to get the season finished.

They are also under extreme financial pressure, where there are 6.4 billion dollars on games.

According to the Daily Mail it is the amount that the best English clubs have to give up, if not the season, the game finished 16. July.

according to the media information should the Premier League not later than be afluttet on the date in order to comply with the contractual relationship with the tv broadcasters. Otherwise, should be compensated.

Therefore working the clubs now from ‘an ambitious plan’, which must restart the Premier League season that has been interrupted due to coronakrisen, in the first weekend of may. For the closed doors. The last round must be played in the weekend 11.-12 – July.

There manlger nine full rounds of Premier League plus a few postponed matches, and a schedule running over two and a half months will allow the air to postponements of matches or similar if coronavirussen should hit players or clubs..

According to the Daily Mail, the proposal should be discussed at a videoconferencing on Friday, where all of the clubs in the best league to join.

the Media also writes that the rights holders – in the Uk it’s Sky Sports, BT Sports has put a lot of pressure on the Premier League to find a plan, because they already have lost many customers because of the fodboldløse sendeflader.

But there is also another reason why the season must be settled per. 16. July.

the Premier League already has the biggest tv contract in the world, where each club a minimum of get a billion per. season, and the ‘waterproof’ tv-contract for the upcoming, new season of about 25 billion will enter into force on 1. august.

Which of course means a new season should be ready to go in time.