Against 23.40 heard the clink of the two 24 -, and 30-year-old Residents of the Waller heerstraße Disc. From their balconies you could see in a Kiosk in a smashed-in window. Shortly thereafter, you saw how a Person crossed the road, directly to the destroyed window supplier, in the Display window handle and a plurality of packets to be increased. They then fled on foot in the city einwärtige direction and in the Gustav street.

time equal to the alarm of the witnesses about the emergency call 110 the police, and gave the direction of escape, and a description of the man. The fast-arriving police officers found the Fugitive is still in the Waller Heerstraße, in the amount of Gustav street. On his escape, discarded stolen property, multiple Stereo headphones and electric shavers, was found in a front yard is to be ensured. The 37-year-old burglar, a criminal case for theft in a particularly serious case is now expected.

This case shows once again how important-and successful-vigilant neighbors can be. The police recommends once more:

you Make yourself available as a witness! Note the characteristic and striking features of the people, and alert you as soon as possible the police about the free emergency number 110. For more tips and prevention information you can find on the Internet at

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