The American Perseverance planetoid was able to extract a sample of Martian soil on the second attempt. This was announced on Twitter by the chief engineer of the project, Adam Steltzner.

He noted that “I have never been so happy to see a hole in the stone.” Steltzner published a photo taken by the rover: it shows a stone with a round hole in it.

Recall that the first attempt to collect soil was made on August 7. Experts suggest that the failure was the result of an unexpected shift of the rock during drilling, rather than a technical failure in the operation of on-board equipment.

Earlier, NASA reported that the ground on Mars is planned to be carried out where, according to scientists, there was once a lake. Experts want to test one of the hypotheses, according to which, the lake that once filled the Jezero crater existed not once, but dried up and formed again. The main goal is to search for traces of life on Mars.

We have a sample! I’ve never been more happy to see a hole in a rock. #SamplingMars