Occasions and response from across the globe to mark the passing of Prince Philip at age 99:

An excerpt from a language that the queen created in 1997 was published Saturday, the day following Philip died at age 99.

“He’s, quite simply, been my strength and remain all these decades, and that I, along with his entire family, and this and a number of other nations, owe him a debt higher than he’d ever assert, or we will ever know,” Elizabeth said of her spouse at the anniversary address.

Philip had words of appreciation for his spouse and monarch in the moment.

“I think that the major lesson that we’ve learnt is that tolerance is the only crucial ingredient of any joyful union,” he explained. “You can take it that the queen gets the caliber of tolerance in prosperity.”

A portrait of the few taken by photographer Anne Leibovitz and released in 2016 on Philip’s 95th birthday followed Saturday’s Twitter post.


The United Kingdom and members of the Commonwealth of countries that includes the former lands of the British Empire have been recalling Prince Philip, the irascible and tough-minded husband of Queen Elizabeth II. Philip died Friday at age 99 after over seven years of encouraging his wife in her general responsibilities.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping along with his spouse, Peng Liyuan, have delivered their”deep condolences” to the British monarch about the departure of her husband, Prince Philip, the official Xinhua News Agency reported.

Moon tweeted Saturday the South Koreans will”forever recall” the donation Philip created to friendly ties between his nation and also the U.K. when he seen Queen Elizabeth II in 1999.


LONDON — Prince Andrew and Prince Edward seen Queen Elizabeth II at Windsor Castle on Saturday after the passing of her husband and his father, Prince Philip.

Edward and Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, spent about an hour in the castle. Sophie told reporters since the few left Windsor at a Land Rover,”The queen was amazing. .

Andrew waved at audiences as he abandoned.

At a tribute program aired by the BBC on Friday, all four of Philip’s kids remembered him as somebody who’d supported and encouraged them.

Charles explained his dad’s life as an”astonishing accomplishment” while Edward said his dad had a challenging job that was completed using all the most”extraordinary flair”


The Australian Defense Force provided its salute in 5 p.m. local time out Parliament House in Canberra. New Zealand intended to provide an artillery tribute to Sunday.

Members of the public left blossoms outside Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle on Saturday, dismissing appeals from governments and the royal household to refrain from collecting due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis has provided Queen Elizabeth II”heartfelt condolences” for the loss of her husband and commended the late Prince Philip because of his devotion to union and”distinguished record” of public support.

“Recalling Prince Philip’s dedication for his marriage and family, his distinguished record of public service as well as his dedication to the education and progress of future generations, His Holiness commends him into the merciful love of Christ our Redeemer,” read the telegram delivered in the pontiff’s title.


LONDON — Gun salutes indicating the passing of the Duke of Edinburgh will happen round the U.K., in Gibraltar and in sea.

The U.K. defense ministry stated batteries will fire 41 rounds at the same round each second from midday in cities such as London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast, in addition to Gibraltar and out of Royal Navy warships.

Police are encouraging to see the gun salutes online or on tv from house prior to the coronavirus pandemic.


LONDON — The U.K.’s national broadcaster switched immediately into mourning manner when Prince Philip’s departure was announced.

The BBC canceled its normal programming and aired special policy about Philip hosted by black-clad news anchors on Friday. Popular prime-time shows like the cooking competition”MasterChef” were pulled away from the atmosphere, and the community’s music radio channels played instrumentals and somber songs.

Some Britons watched the BBC’s acts as a fitting mark of respect. For many others, it was a little much.

The broadcaster has received numerous complaints because its coverage was excessive it put up a special page on its own site for audiences to register objections when they believed there was”too much TV coverage of the death of HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.”

The publicly financed BBC frequently finds itself criticized from all sides over the treatment of important national events. As soon as the Queen Mother Elizabeth expired in 2002, the broadcaster was criticized since the announcer sending the information did not put on a black tie.


LONDON — Mourners are departing blossoms again facing Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle, a day after Prince Philip’s passing.

Before, the blossoms left on Friday was removed and were put in the rear of a van. Palace officials are encouraging individuals to not visit Buckingham Palace or Windsor Castle to depart blossoms amid the coronavirus pandemic.


PORT VILA, Vanuatu — A tribe at the remote island state of Vanuatu who watched Prince Philip as a god could greet his passing ritual wailing and ceremonial dance, a specialist said.

The group, located in cities around the island of Tanna in the prior Anglo-French colony, revered the Duke of Edinburgh and considered to be a reincarnation of an ancient warrior who abandoned the island to fight a war.”


DHARAMSHALA, India — The Dalai Lama has expressed his condolences on the passing of Prince Philip in correspondence to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles.

In his correspondence to the queen he explained:”I’m likely to find out the sad news your husband, H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh has passed off. I will pray for him and also offer my condolences for Your Royal Highness and your family at this sad moment.

“As most of us remember , we could rejoice he lived a life”

He wrote to Prince Charles:”As somebody who sees you as a beloved, honored friend, I would also love to give my condolences for Your Royal Highness and your loved ones.”


WELLINGTON, New Zealand — New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda voiced her country’s regret in the passing of Prince Philip.

“Our thoughts are with Her Majesty the Queen at the deeply sad time,” she explained.

Ardern said Philip will be lovingly remembered for its encouragement that he gave to several young New Zealanders throughout The Duke of Edinburgh’s Hillary Award.

“In more than 50 decades of this award in New Zealand, tens of thousands of young individuals have finished life-changing challenges throughout the program,” she explained.

Ardern led that flags on government buildings and naval vessels be flown in half-staff.


JAKARTA, Indonesia — Indonesian President Joko Widodo expressed profound condolences at the passing of Prince Philip.


SYDNEY — Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison provided his nation’s”deepest sympathies and condolences” to Queen Elizabeth II on the death of Prince Philip.

“While your own strength and remain, your Majesty, will finally have passed, Jenny and I hope you will find great comfort in your religion, in your loved ones, currently,” he explained. “But we additionally, your Majesty, state for you personally as a Commonwealth, let’s now be your power and remain as you continue to survive, as you continue to serve so loyally so faithfully, as you’ve done over numerous generations”

He added:”She’s been there for us over this long time, let’s be there today for you, your Majesty, and also permit us to deliver our love for you with this, I am sure, among the most gloomy of days”

In Canberra, the national flag has been reduced to half-mast over Parliament House.


MANILA, Philippines — Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has expressed his profound condolences to Queen Elizabeth II for the passing of Prince Philip at a public opinion in which his authorities cited its strong ties with the United Kingdom.

“We pray for the eternal repose of his soul and also for Your Royal Family to discover power in this period of mourning,” Duterte said in message issued by his spokesman, Harry Roque.

“The Philippines and the United Kingdom have strong spiritual ties and we share the despair of the British men and women within this age of bereavement,” Duterte’s message stated.

Duterte has lashed in European nations in the past for increasing alarm over his mortal crackdown against illegal medication that has left tens of thousands of largely petty suspects deceased. The UK was among 18 states that accepted a United Nations Human Rights Council settlement in 2019 which involves an inquiry into human rights requirements in the Philippines amid Duterte’s bloody crackdown, sparking condemnations out of his government.


KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — Malaysian Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin said the entire world has dropped a”towering figure” with the departure of Prince Philip.

In a tribute article on his Facebook, Muhyiddin said that the prince had visited Malaysia several occasions and was a”friend of the nation.”

The Duke of Edinburgh International award introduced in 2000 who had acknowledged tens of thousands of Malaysian youths because of their accomplishments in sports, community and adventure activities was one of the prince’s many gifts, Muhyiddin said.

“The Duke of Edinburgh will be sadly overlooked; his departure marks the ending of a lifetime spent in selfless service to the larger good,” the premier said.