What are we cooking today, what are we cooking tomorrow? The question is for many people in Switzerland currently, current than usual. Home Office means a Home Kitchen. This can be seen in the case of Swissmilk with one of the most-trafficked recipe sites in the country. The click numbers are massively higher as compared to last year. Due to the statistics say, what recipes Switzerland searches for the most. The Top 25 recipes as of April 2019 to give a hint of what is likely to be currently popular and also provide you with perhaps the Inspiration for the next few weeks. Pay attention, number 1 is likely to surprise you.

1. Wild garlic pesto

no, it’s a family recipe is not the one. But the Corona falls right in the middle of the wild garlic season, which is when many Swiss are extremely popular. Wild garlic pesto leads the Ranking in April of 2019 with a great distance.

2. Pancakes

Quickly made. Varied, because with a lot of Toppings can be combined. For daddy, for mommy, for the kids. Pancakes are an Evergreen for every season, for the spring. You are on a safe second place.

3. Spaghetti Carbonara

One of the three or four Pasta recipes that someone can be guaranteed in every household. Carbonara of the ingredients here clearly and quickly done. And very filling – but once you are not suitable for reheating especially.

4. Pancakes

Where is Pancakes are performing well, the thinner the crepes are not far away. What speaks for you: you can serve for nearly any occasion. As a Lunch or dinner, as a Dessert.

5. Apfelwähe

Or in other Parts of Switzerland, Apple pie called. The Apfelwähe is an example of the classic, the the some cooked or buk, are asked for even today. In times of crisis presumed particularly.

6. Potato gratin

The Supplement to of all Swiss side dishes. A potato gratin is suitable not only for the Sunday roast but also to many other dishes.

7. Lasagna

According to the Carbonara, the lasagna, another Italian all-rounder. Many people in Switzerland have not only created a Spaghetti stockpile, but also to lasagna sheets.

8. Potato salad

As rank 6, but this time, there are the potatoes, in salad form. Due to its versatility, the bulbous plants are almost already represented in a logical way, twice in the Top Ten.

9. Aargau carrot cake

A place in the Top Ten for the carrot land. A recipe, you can also let the Kids join in. The carrot cake fits well to sweeten the Home-Office-day..

10. Tiramisu

once again, Italy. Tiramisu is in the Switzerland of the Dessert classic, in all its variations. Here is the classic Original recipe.

the kitchen instead of Sofa

Easy cooking, fast cooking, fine cooking, for the whole family cooking: This is the challenge that currently many are. Swissmilk encountered this Situation with the Motto of “kitchen instead of a Sofa” and is presented here for the matching everyday recipes.

The other Top recipes

11. Moist chocolate cake
12. Soaked Zitronencake
13. Butter braid
14. Bircher muesli
15. Wild garlic risotto with Formaggini
16. Panna Cotta
17. Flammkuchen
18. Mousse au Chocolat
19. Herb chicken breast from the oven
20. Penne Cinque Pi
21. Burnt Crème
22. Pussy lschnitten with applesauce
23. Cottage cheese cake without baking
24. Grisons barley soup
25. Potato-wild garlic-soup

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