Banks with the support of the city for the first half of 2020 was given to small and medium enterprises loans of 10.8 billion rubles, said the head of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow Alexey Fursin. The guarantor was organized by the Fund of assistance to crediting of small business of Moscow (PSMBM, Moscow guarantee Fund). Most of the guarantees granted to entrepreneurs for loans to replenish working capital.

About half of all Fund issued guarantees accounted for the wholesale and retail trade. In the first six months, about one-third of clients of Fund companies in the industries of manufacturing, construction, transport, innovative technologies, medicine and others. The other recipients represent a guarantee support services.

About two thirds of all appeals related to obtaining loan guarantees on working capital. In addition, the company used a guarantee PSMBM for investments, refinancing of existing loans and the performance of state contracts.

Moscow guarantee Fund has helped the business to restructure the loans of 2.5 billion replacedata bail: how to support the capital’s entrepreneurs

the Guarantee Fund will cover up to 70 percent of the loan amount. Their average size is 19-20 million rubles. In partnership with the organization employs about 70 banks.

In the period of the spread of coronavirus infection, the procedure of consideration of applications for loans in large banks, as well as for businesses of participants of public procurement has been simplified. In addition, the Fund of assistance to crediting of small business in Moscow restructuring of debt to extend the life of the contract of guarantee up to six months without additional financial analysis.

apply for a surety entrepreneurs can post on the website of the Fund, through its creditors-partners and the service centres for business in the capital.

the Moscow guarantee Fund is an institution under the jurisdiction of the Department of business and innovation development city of Moscow. Since its inception the Fund has given a guarantee amounting to more than 85 billion rubles. The entrepreneurs received from creditors about 170 billion rubles in loans and guarantees.

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