to Talk about the resumption of international flights is still too early, according to the Ministry of transport. First of all we need to establish security precautions on domestic flights to help tourists to travel to domestic resorts.

Before the opening of the international air services Ministry of transport and the airlines have to address two priorities: the establishment of transportation in the country with the introduction of security measures and recovery in domestic tourism. This was reported to journalists by the representative of the Ministry of transport, the correspondent of RBC.

“of Course, in a future flights from Russia to other countries will be resumed. However, you first need to solve other tasks,” — said the Agency.

To begin with, Russia needs to develop domestic air travel by compliance with the mayor to prevent the spread of infection. According to the established earlier by the Federal air transport Agency and the CPS regulations, the passengers and crew of the aircraft must wear masks and gloves, the airline must check the temperature of customers before you put them into aircraft and airport premises and so on.

“the results of the checks say that in most cases, the airports and airlines comply with measures aimed at the non-proliferation of novel coronavirus infection. But there are also the facts of violation of these measures. Speech, in particular, in the case of crowding of passengers at the airport in the process of their delivery to the aircraft. The transport Ministry will undertake all necessary efforts to ensure strict implementation of epidemic prevention measures in the process of rebuilding domestic flights”, — the Ministry noted.

In this issue, the Agency cooperates with Rostourism and Rospotrebnadzor. “A lot will depend on the region in which it is possible to ensure a safe stay of the Russians and which are the points of tourist attraction”, — said the representative of the Ministry of transport.

Earlier, the source of RBC reported that the Federal air transport Agency will send a proposal to the CPS on the partial opening of international flights from July 15. According to the interlocutor of RBC, the Federal air transport Agency will offer first to open flights in some European countries, including Turkey, China and South Korea. According to “Interfax”, initially the flights will open to the EAEU and the CIS.

on 8 June it became known that Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin instructed the Federal air transport Agency and the CPS to perform various options for the resumption of international flights, as well as to prepare scenarios of industry development and possible support measures.

the Kremlin, commenting on the possibility of resumption of flights of airlines abroad, said that the final decision will be for the operational headquarters of the FR��VA. The exact dates yet, said the representative of the President Dmitry Peskov.