The first of the schools to re-open it, then work at home to reduce and adjust the dáárna again, in a bar or a restaurant. This is what the minister of Economics, Count (CD&V), and the return to a normal life. “We have to be in the hospitality business, therefore, a maximum of support, we will work with each sector-specific measures to address the relance is possible to make it,” she said on Monday, in The Latest News.

The action for the coronacrisis to be in control, in the steps to come – big events are prohibited, then bars and restaurants are very close, and then to the retail stores, and schools close by. Once the peak is passed, the measures one by one, scaled down, should be left to the experts already understand. The question, then, is: what can the schools re-open, or the restaurant industry?

“To me, and I will be speaking from the belly, not as an expert, it seems that the schools are the first step, for we can gradually begin to build up,” said the minister of employment and the Economy, Nathalie Muylle CD&V). “I think that the shops re-open, and the phasing-out of the telework to the next step. It seems to me obvious that all that free time, and the meeting – restaurants, hotels, and events, is not the first step is going to be.”

the Catering industry in Flanders has calculated that the loss of two extra hours of mandatory closing date, in the direction of 1.8 billion euros. That’s eight times more than it did in the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 2016. “Health always comes first” said Mathias De Caluwé, the chief executive of the Hospitality industry in Flanders, belgium. “But we hope to have a huge want from government and the financial sector, therefore, is to drag you down.”

“We will be the industry up to support the” promises Count. How is it, that is a job for the next couple of weeks. “We have to go now, with each of the sector-specific relancemaatregelen on the table. The bars and restaurants, but also to the retail industry, where for the past few days, a lot of concerns.”