Supermarkets should once again offer discounts on their products. That allows the minister of Consumer affairs, Nathalie Muylle CD&V) is on Twitter. Discounts are to be restored in order to the shopping basket, the cost of. For a lot of people are in the most difficult times”, you hear the sound of it. Albert Heijn, late, know, today, Monday, already, again, right from the start.

on Saturday, you know, a customer of the government is still on Facebook, “that and a bag of chips in a week’s time, with 29 per cent more expensive to become”. As well as other products and found the prices to be significantly higher than that in a couple of weeks ago. For Colruyt was that the higher prices were due to the ban on discounts and promotions”. The supermarket chain had asked the politics to “such a measure, re-draw, because it is allowed to pass by appears to have. The Minister can Count that question right now.

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finally, the Colruyt group has been “very, very happy with the new position of the minister of Advanced”. “We’re going to be as fast as possible to meet the agreed marketing and promotional offers to reactivate it”, says spokesperson Hanne Poppe. “We will continue to have a finger on the pulse in order to hamstergedrag to monitor it.” Also, the other branches of the Colruyt Group, OKay, Spar, Colruyt Group, and Bio-Planet will be on the agreed marketing and promotional offers to reactivate it. “This is done as soon as possible. On Wednesday, it would be visible in the future.”

if you are Albert Heijn, let them know immediately and re-discounts of up to enter the “fresh products are expensive and necessary items, such as, for example, detergent”. “We have a lot of people in need,” says president Ann Maes.

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Both of Fevia, the federation of the Belgian food industry as a BABM, the association of branded goods manufacturers in the food and non-food products, were also “that the announcement by the minister of economy and consumer affairs, She Advanced to welcome them”. “We are pleased that there is finally clarity.”

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