The memorable first round of the championship of Russia on cyberbattle

ended the tournament in addition to well-known gamers took part and the real athletes. For example, a defender of the Russian team PBC “Lokomotiv-Kuban” Dmitry Kulagin managed to reach the playoffs for the group stage. Alas, one of the best Russian players were eliminated in the 1/8 finals, losing to the future champion Sergey Morozov, ran contingent of the club NBA “new Orleans” and speakers under the name TwitchFFLighto.

Kulagin due to problems with his club “the Golden state” was first lost (8:31), and then was unable to continue the fight.

Photo: Official site BK In the championship of Russia on basketball still intrigue

However, the basketball player admitted in an interview with reporters that he liked the virtual battles:

– In the process of increasing interest and love for basketball games on console is not escaped me.

what teams you had to play virtual?

Dmitry Kulagin: will Not say I was an ardent fan of the passing game for teams or players, I like the dynamics!

Interesting, but professionals often play basketball on the console?

Dmitry Kulagin: from time to Time, especially with teammates during visits, he loved to test your strength!

Experience of participation in such a tournament for you first?

Dmitry Kulagin: Yes, it’s a debut. It was great, pleasant emotions, excitement and most importantly love for the game that makes us better and happier!

But back to the first stage of the championship.

In the struggle for the main prize of the first phase, amounting to ten thousand rubles, joined three dozen gamers. But in the final, but two remain.

Dmitry Kulagin admitted to journalists that from time to time conducts a virtual battle with club partners

the Decisive series turned into a confrontation, “Washington”, which was ruled by Vyacheslav Amandi and the already mentioned “new Orleans” Sergey Morozov.

In the first game the Pelicans won’t easily (54:50), but towards the end of the second Morozov has made a significant advantage. His “new Orleans” won 58:44 and deservedly became the champion of the first round. By the way, Morozov (known by the nickname TwitchFFLighto) won in your birthday!

the Tournament “paused”

the Executive Committee of the international basketball Federation (FIBA) has made a number of changes in the global calendar of national teams.

As reported in the press service of FIBA, on the eve of the videoconference was held an extraordinary meeting of the Executive Committee of the international basketball Federation on the situation in the global calendar basketball tournaments on the background of the pandemic coronavirus infection.

Photo: RIA Novosti Likiernik: the pandemic is likely to host the world Cup in 2020 Malo

transfer the Olympic games in Tokyo in the following year (23 July – 8 August) necessitated other changes in the system of competition FIBA. So, four of the qualifying tournament for the Games in 2020, one of which needs to play the national team of Russia, also postponed to the year ahead and will be held between June 22 to July 4, 2021 (specific dates must be approved by the IOC and will be announced later).

Men’s Championships of Europe and America 2021 is postponed for the period from 1 to 18 Sep 2022. As you know, the next Eurobasket will be held in four countries – Georgia, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany. At the same time on the original calendar had the fourth of six selectionhead to the Windows of the world Cup in 2023, it’s now moved from September to August. Thus, in preparation for EURO 2022, some teams will hold not only the friendlies, but two official. This will optimize the load on the players and not to overload the calendar.

At the same time, the Asian Championships (17 – 29 August) and Africa (24 August – 5 September) has kept the reference to 2021 and are shifted by only one or two weeks ahead so as not to overlap on schedule with the Olympic games.

Photo: Ruslan shamukov/RIA Novosti Government of St. Petersburg will not refuse to host matches of Euro-2020

Calendar women’s national teams has undergone fewer changes. Most tournaments have kept their date, but some teams will have to spend in the next year the two big competitions – European championship and the Olympics.

Eurobasket 2021 will be held as planned from 17 to 27 June next year. The six best teams in them will get a place in qualifying for the world Cup. The final tournament will be held in Australia from 22 September to 1 October 2022.

the world Cup among male and female Junior national teams (U17) unlike European Championship U20, U18 and U16 has not been canceled. The men’s tournament in Bulgaria pre-shifted 15-23 August – the same date when Romania should go for women. The final decision about these FIBA tournaments will take in mid-may based on the situation with the spread of the infection.