Each regional office of the Pension Fund of Russia approves its schedule of transfer of pension delivery organizations (banks, “Mail of Russia”). For example, in the Moscow offices of “Mail of Russia” payment and delivery of pensions will occur on the following schedule:

2 may 2020 – in may 3, 2020;

may 4, 2020 may 4 and may 5, 2020;

may 6, 2020 – 6 and may 9, 2020;

7 may 2020, 7 and 10 may 2020;

on 15 may 2020, 15 and 17 may 2020.

Pension, which is set to recipients in other days, will be delivered normally. In other words, if the pensioner gets a payout of 11 may, the day she will be listed or delivered to your home.

the Moscow branch of “Mail of Russia” to pay pensions from may 4 to may 18, 2020 on schedule.

Alternative service delivery of pensions at home will work in Moscow and the Moscow region from 4 to 21 may 2020 according to a fixed schedule.

Pensions, which are transferred to the Bank card, or have already arrived or will come in 8, 15 or 22 may. The date can be specified in the Bank.

1, and may 9, 2020, the clock will continue to run the post office Moscow 101000 (Myasnitskaya ulitsa, 26), 107241 (ul, 1), 121099 (Smolenskaya PL., d. 13/21) and Saint Petersburg, 191036 (Nevskiy PR-kt, 87/2). For the remaining post offices of the country these days declared holidays.

Friday – may 8 – the post office will operate on a fixed schedule with a reduction of the working day by one hour.

4 and may 11 branches of “Mail of Russia” will take clients in accordance with the schedule Saturdays, and 5 may – in the mode of the resurrection. 2, 3, 6, 7 and 10 may, the post office will operate on a fixed schedule.

“For the smooth and timely delivery of pensions and benefits, postage and periodicals for a number of rural post offices may be established a different mode of operation.Delivery of pensions and allowances during weekends and holidays will be carried out in coordination with the regional offices of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation”, – said the press service of “Mail of Russia”.