expert of the project of the Ministry of Finance on financial literacy Marat Safiulin noted the main characteristics of the financial fraud in an interview with RIA Novosti.

According to him, the first signal is the promise of easy money and high return on investment. The expert warned that one should not invest if the financial price tags are set by 35 percent per annum. “In recent years we have not seen a single example of a bona fide business that would attract the money of citizens under such a percent,” he said.

Safiulin Also urged to be cautious when dealing with foreign companies. He stressed that their license must be checked on the websites of financial regulators of the States to which they refer. According to the expert, even if the license is in order, it should be remembered that any foreign company will have to solve in a foreign language in a foreign jurisdiction.

in addition, Safiulin has warned Russians from investing in a company that has no traceable history, and it is active advertising of deposits. He explained that is required a serious expenditure. And if the company, in addition to interest payments, investing in advertising, you are likely to return money to investors it is not going.

In early February, it was reported that in Russia a record increase in the number of financial pyramids. According to the Central Bank, last year identified 237 such organizations — a maximum of five years. Most often citizens are attracted by investments in the cryptocurrency, as well as in construction and agricultural projects. Most of the pyramids carry out their activities from the UK, funds mainly through websites or social networks.