Near the metro station “Nekrasovka” the investor will build a shopping and entertainment complex. As a result, 1.6 thousand jobs will appear in the city. The facility is being built as part of the incentive program for the creation of places of employment (MPT).

Thanks to participation in the program, the investor received a benefit for payment for changing the type of permitted use of the plot for the construction of apartment buildings.

The complex will have a shopping gallery with shops, a cinema, restaurants and cafes. The building is equipped with an underground parking lot with a car wash. After the completion of the main construction works, a walking area with trees and shrubs will be arranged next to the object. 

The program to stimulate the creation of jobs has been implemented since 2020. Developers are granted a privilege when re-registering land plots for housing construction, if commercial, industrial or social facilities are being built at the same time. The investor receives income both from the sale of housing and from a business object, and Muscovites get additional jobs. Currently, 22 agreements have been signed in the capital under the program, under which investors will create 35 new facilities, investing 92.2 billion rubles in them.  

This year the program was supplemented. Benefits are now available to developers building facilities to provide comprehensive logistics services. In addition, investors can commit to the construction of the facility in a short time and at the same time receive an increased benefit. If the term is shortened by six months or one year, the benefit will increase by five percent, if for more than one year — by 10 percent. 

A number of anti—crisis support measures have been adopted in the capital for developers participating in the incentive program to create jobs. So, from three to six months, the deadline for providing a bank guarantee, which developers receive for the implementation of the project, has been extended. In addition, developers can now delay the execution of certain terms of agreements.

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